How To Increase Your Views On Instagram

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Instagram along with being a social media app and a source of entertainment, due to its popularity has become a platform for business. All major businesses have understood the importance of making their presence felt to their target audience on such a platform. When you feature a video or photos and posts on this application in the most appropriate manner you get a positive response and best results if your video happens to be professional. Realizing the importance of video sharing Instagram has extended its video duration limit from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. This duration is enough for a gist of anything, be it the business, television programs, meme pages, movies, and Web series trailers, or even news channels’ Instagram page, and other promotional video content.  

How to attract more viewers on Instagram?

With a huge number of subscriptions, Instagram has become a perfect platform, for businesses, advertisements, and similar content. The following points will help you understand how to Increase your views on Instagram.

  • Pre-edit Videos on a Computer: it is possible through iPhones and Android smartphones to capture high-quality videos but those videos are not good enough to be shared, because various editing apps are ineffective and lack vital features. Pre editing of videos on a computer by a good editing application or software will give the video stunning visual effects, and videos edited on a computer looks more professional, hence before posting a video or a post make sure to edit it on the computer.
  • Share Behind the Scenes Video:  What happens behind the curtains is always fun, and the people are often curious about it, hence it is advisable to shoot and post the events which are exciting enough to be displayed to the public. Posting behind the scene videos should be in a format so the viewers get desperate and wait for their release and this will generate a hype and increase views. 
  • Utilize the Most Appropriate hashtags: A hashtag makes the video relevant to the search, and the basic purpose of the hashtags is to expand the reach of the video or content shared, hence it is advised to lay enough attention on using hashtags. According to a search, a post with a single hashtag has 12.6% more traffic than a post without any hashtag.
  • Post Content at Peak times: In life and in social media marketing, perfect timing is of vital significance, when we need to post our content, it is advisable to post at a time where the followers or the Instagram users are free and are most likely to be using this application, post the content at lunchtime, or evening, or on holidays.
  • Repost the content: In cases when a person is not getting the expected response on its posts, it is advisable to repost the content because it generally happens that people miss out on the feeds so it is wise to repost.

Getting views is important, as it has the ability to spread your business or fame, this platform is best for spreading the purpose, these are a few tips on how to increase your views on Instagram.

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