The No-Code DIY Platform, Appy Pie to Roll Out Live Chat Software for Small Businesses

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

New age customers don’t have enough patience to wait for hours or days to get solutions to their problems. This is the primary reason why live chat support has expanded its wings and is now revolutionizing the customer service industry. From the business point of view, a live chat support system dramatically improves customer retention and increases the efficiency of customer service representatives by letting them offer real-time assistance to customers. Not just this, it also enhances customer experience by allowing users to easily connect with the businesses and get instant solutions to their queries.

Appy Pie, the DIY mobile app building platform that allows users with no coding skills to transform their app ideas into reality, is ready to join the customer service industry with the launch of its live chat software, which allows small businesses to integrate live chat in their apps and websites. The soon to be launched Appy Pie’s live chat software is all set to emerge as the go-to solution for small businesses all over the world, helping them add an edge to the user experience, and serve their customers with the best. It’s as easy as pie to use Appy Pie’s upcoming live chat software. Simply signup and subscribe with Appy Pie to get your own dashboard, add the software key in the source code of your app or website, and start offering real-time assistance to customers.

The no-code technology expert, Appy Pie works with the mission to help small businesses sustain and thrive in a highly competitive business atmosphere. Their live chat software is yet another step towards helping small businesses achieve this goal. The company’s product is being seen as a promising development in the customer services industry because by leveraging the live chat technology, small businesses can drive in better sales, marketing and customer experience initiatives.

Big players like Apple, Amazon, etc. have been primarily leveraging live chat software to deliver better user experience for years, a technology that has been used only by the elite due to high costs. However, with DIY pioneers like Appy Pie emerging on the horizon, it looks like the future of small businesses is promising.

The app builder trusted by millions of small businesses worldwide, Appy Pie is expanding its portfolio of services and now is all set to launch its live chat software with the same underlying concept. Simple, yet effective, the live chat software will facilitate real-time communication with the customers, allowing businesses to meet their expectations and improve their loyalty and trust. Appy Pie also has a DIY website builder in its products portfolio which their users can leverage to easily create amazing websites and make a dynamic web presence. Apart from this, Appy Pie also provides workflow automation services that allow businesses to automate their time-consuming manual processes and increase their efficiency.


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