Benefits of Using Symfony in the Development of a Web Application for Your Business

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It is an inescapable fact that we live in an online world.  In this world, any serious business that wants to get noticed and grow needs to have a web presence — a quality web presence – one that will welcome customers and not turn them away before they have had a chance to experience what that business has to offer.

So what kind of web presence fits your company’s needs?  Do you develop a blog?  A web page? A web application?   

And once you decide on the type of web presence, where do you start in the development of it?

One tool to use for this task is Symfony.

What It Is

Symfony, as defined by its own website is, “a set of PHP Components, a Web Application framework, a philosophy, and a community — all working together in harmony.”

In more general terms, Symfony is a flexible framework you can use in the development of websites and web applications.   


  1.   Symfony gives you a headstart on the development of your website.  As a framework, Symfony has already developed many of the more common and minor functionalities.  This means you don’t need to take the time to develop everything from scratch.  Instead, you can more quickly turn your focus towards developing the specific needs of your website as they relate to your business.   
  2. Symfony development is cost and time efficient.  Not every business owner is proficient in web development.  In fact, I would venture a guess that relatively few are.  To this end, many will look to hire a web developer to assist them in this endeavor.  Since the Symfony framework comes with the initial tasks already developed and uses the common PHP scripting language, a good web developer who is familiar with Symfony should be able to work more efficiently and complete the job in a more timely manner.  These factors will likely save you both time and money.
    *Note: there is a steep learning curve with this system, so if the developer isn’t familiar with Symfony, it may take them a little longer at the beginning.
  3. It is flexible.  Each component in Symfony is separate.  This means that you can pick and choose, mix and match among many options and functionalities to meet the exact needs of your business’ website.
  4. It is a team-player.  Symfony is not exclusive.  It welcomes and adapts well to other web and software development systems.  If there is a piece of another system that seems to fit your needs better, the developer can pull it on in.
  5. It is stable. Symfony is backed by SensioLabs — a company that has been in operation for over twenty years.  This backing, and the community that was built around it provide this system with a great deal of long-time stability.
  6. It follows the rules. Symfony framework was built in compliance with industry rules, so although you can search out those logistics if you like, you can trust that your website is following the accepted standards.
  7. It is very social.  The Symfony community is large and well-known.  Through this community, you can ask questions, receive training, and stay updated on the latest developments.
  8. It has a good reputation. Symfony is a popular system that is well-recognized by the international community.  This means that there is a great amount of feedback coming back into the company to further its enrichment and development.  


The website of your business is important, so take your time and investigate the options.  Evaluate which one best fits your needs and get started on the journey!



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