Overcoming the Obstacles: 4 Biggest Challenges of Modern App Developers

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Developing a new mobile app is challenging.  You require a creative and innovative mind to pursue such an endeavor, especially when you want to create a promising app with cool features and precisely what your customers are looking for.

Below are the four biggest challenges that modern app developers encounter in their struggle to build creative and useful apps.

1. Creating a unique and a noticeable app

The joy of any app developer is to create an app that is used by many people; who enjoy the services that come with it.  First, you should consider how you’d want the app to be; the features, the adaptability etc. The hard part is when you want to create an app with unique features that offer features that your competitors lack.

You need to study the app developers who started before you. Besides, there are other things you need to consider:

– Your target audience

– The market. Where are you going to sell this app and who  is going to purchase this it

– What is the purpose of your app and what function does it play in the market?

Knowing what to provide to your consumers requires extensive research and dedication. Don’t forget to do mobile application testing to check if it’s what you needed.

2. Having a user friendly app

Every customer wants an app that is user-friendly and not complicated. Starting from designs, colors fonts and logos, you need to establish an app that is welcoming to the user and not an app with several annoying ads.

Besides, the app should offer a platform for interaction – a place where users can get assisted whenever they experience any difficulty. Please pay to take note of every single detail in the app.

Moreover, the users of the app should be able to provide feedback. As a developer, you should reply as many comments as possible and accept corrections. You are also required to take both negative and positive comments positively.

3. Getting your app to fit on different kinds of screens

Devices come with various screen sizes, pixels, performance and embedded requirements. You don’t want to create an app that would be unfit for the consumer.  Making sure that your app fits in several screens is a difficult task. Users have different brands, and you should consider the OS, and also IOS of androids windows and iPhone. So, keep your customers in mind.

4. Marketing and promoting the app

Making an app is just 10% of the job while marketing covers 90% of it. Marketing is the most critical part of building your app. So, once you are through with designing your app, make sure you market it.

When you don’t market your app, nobody will buy it. That means you shall have done zero work. Customers are the major priority of your business and acquiring several of them is an achievement. This is the only way to build your presence and make known to the world that your app exists.

It’s challenging to get the right platform to sell the app.  The market is already saturated and bringing a different thing on the table is what will help you sell.


Creating a unique, likable and amazing app is difficult. Once you know how to conquer the challenges, you can build a successful app. Others have done it. Why not you?

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