The Role of Technology In Education

Technology is fundamental in various aspects of life like in training. Personal trainers use technology these days in their businesses. Apart from people using the computer to play computer games, the equipment can also be used in physical education like the use of pedometers to measure the number of steps you make during an exercise. Machines can also be used to change someone’s exercise behavior.

Other training tools that use computer include an accelerometer that records the amount of energy that the body utilized during an exercise, heart rate monitors which is used to check and monitor the intensity of the activity and combined heart rate and accelerometer which simultaneously measure the amount of energy spent during training.

If you register in physical fitness courses, you can be trained while you are at home. You can register for online educational courses where you will get taught from wherever you are. Your trainer will be instructing you from wherever he/she is, and you follow the instructions where you are.

Here are some ways of how technology has played a role in physical education

Physical education apps

Many education apps can be used in physical education. These apps involve pictures and videos. This can help to teach movements to improve physical skills apps for example coach’s eye allows for critical observation through slow-motion videos.

Ann app like can communicate at the same time to many students or even one student through designed messaging or emails into their handsets. This can make learning very fast and enjoyable as you can train even if your trainer is far away.

Tam shake allows the users to easily create groups or teamwork even when they are far from each other.

But one thing that you need to understand about apps is that; it is all about trial and error.it is not successful for everyone. So, if the app does not give you want you wanted, you better change it.

Use wearable technology

This includes technology that is used to monitor, track take statistics and evaluate your data during your training exercise. Statistics from the daily activities are essential in assessing the impact of training on you. This can involve the use of heart rate monitors and pedometers in students’ activities. This enables them to monitor their heart rate and activity levels. The number of steps that are taken through the day can also be determined and the statistics recorded.

Machines like fitness tracker can help students know what they think they have accomplished during the training and what they have gained during the exercise. This can help them set goals so that they can achieve their desired fitness levels.

Use of student-owned devices

Most students these days have smartphones. You can use this device to teach as students are more involved with those smartphones. The teacher can use a scavenger hunt that will enable students to work from different locations by scanning the QR code scavenger hunt. This brings interaction among the students and also allows the teacher to engage with the students personally at any other given time.


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