Ten Tips From Professional Website Designers

Nearly every single company has their own website and with all the competition out there today simply having an “online presence” is no longer enough. Your company represents your work and is like your company’s business card. For that reason, it should be a reflection of what you stand for and showcase all your different products in the best possible way.

Here are ten tips from professional website designers so you, too, can create a winning website design.


Loading speed

About 40% of website visitors abandon a website that takes longer than a couple of seconds to load. So, it is absolutely imperative that you create a fast design. You can use Pingdom or Pagespeed Insights (Google) to test the speed of your website. Website designers say that a great way to boost the speed of a website is to use HTML instead of flash (after all, who really uses that anymore anyway?), fast servers, smaller imagery and compressed videos.


Mobile optimization

With more and more consumers browsing from a mobile device, website designers all agree that you really need to make sure that your website can be viewed from smartphones as well as tablets. Luckily there are several tools out there that will help you design a website that will display correctly and function well on a wide range of mobile devices.


Analyse this

Your website designer should install at least some basic website tracking such as website traffic and conversion. When you can see at which point your customers navigate away from your website and from which referral websites they are coming, you can optimize your website that much more effectively.


Search engine optimization (SEO)

Not only do website visitors need to be able to read your website’s engaging and informative content, but search engines must be able to read it as well. So, take the time to make sure that all your web copy is SEO ready. Also, be sure to use SEO tags!


Use a good CMS

To make sure that your website is updated easily and regularly, you will need a really good Content Management System. Why is this important? Well, the more relevant and accurate your website is, the more traffic it will be able to generate.


Optimise your website for conversion

A good way to convert leads into buyers is to run a campaign that directs them to a landing page. This landing page should be about the one thing you want them to do. You should make sure that it is loud and clear what this particular call to action is by clearly displaying buttons that say things like “buy now”, “download” or “sign up”. A good website designer can help you to optimize this landing page so that you can get the best conversion rates possible.



The are many essentials that web designers must include in web design for it to be effective. One such essential element is high-quality content. Your content does not refer just to the text that you have included on your actual website. Something like a weekly newsletter is a great tool to promote your product to an audience that has already shown that they are in fact interested in your products or services. Let customers sign up for your newsletter and add them to your database by tagging their gender, age, products they have already bought or the type of customer they are (for example, new, returning, VIP etc.). When you are running a newsletter campaign, target your audience with the help of customized newsletters for several groups to make the content more relevant for them. The more relevant the content is, the better the conversion will be.


Social Media

Create accounts for your business on all social platforms and be sure to update the content regularly. It will do wonders for your SEO and it broadens your reach and increases your brand awareness too. Your posts can be about product updates, CTAs, news and relationships between you and other businesses. Use unique and high-quality imagery to bring your messages across.



Do not forget to secure the data that you have gathered through your website! Protect your customer and your own data by installing adequate database protection.


Artificial intelligence

If you thought that AI is only something that is part of a movie plot, you would be wrong. As a matter of fact, artificial intelligence is now also part of our daily online experiences. Thanks to Adobe’s Sensei, AI tools are now another resource that you web designers can use.

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