Changing The Way Your Guests Party With a Photo Booth

You can’t expect to go to any big gathering – be it a wedding, birthday party, fan convention, or some other event – without expecting to take home some great memories. Photographs have long been the best way to record these memories. In this day of camera phones and Instagram, one would think that photo booths – the kind you still occasionally see in shopping malls and pizza arcades – are obsolete and just too much hassle for a single event. Don’t be so sure about that.

Even with the ability to instantly take a picture and post it on Facebook for the world to see, professional event photography remains a lucrative industry. Some businesses even create special photo booths with weddings and similar events in mind.

CapturePod, an extension of a professional photography and retouch studio based in Miami, Florida, takes the wedding photo booth a step further with their fashionably-designed booths, also you can visit this page. Instead of the protruding corners associated with classic phone booths, CapturePod booths have a smooth oval shape that fits in at any modern affair while comfortably fitting up to eight people. While CapturePod booths are white by default, they can easily be covered in designs and colors befitting your event.

Don’t think these are your bog-standard black-and-white photos, either. CapturePod produces bright, high-definition pictures in full color. Why else would CapturePod include eight colorful backgrounds to choose from in each booth? For more colorful fun, the CapturePod staff provides hats and other props to wear for your playful party pics. Of course, you can always opt to make your photos black-and-white if you like that stylish, classic look. If still, photos are still not enough, CapturePod booths allow you to film video clips up to 30 seconds long.

Many people like an extra bit of personalization in their photographs that many popular apps and computer programs provide. CapturePod grants party-goers this personalization with the ability to customize your own backdrops and insert your own logo or artwork onto your photo strips.

Sharing these photo strips is fun and a good way to break the ice. However, what would a high-tech photo booth be without a high-tech way to show off all of these pictures? Each CapturePod has a 23” LCD screen above the door that provides a slideshow of every picture taken at this event. If that’s not enough, then CapturePod will give you a scrapbook and a DVD of these photos to enjoy once your event is long past. The photos can also be displayed in their online gallery or sent directly to your Facebook page or email address.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about limits or usage. Each CapturePod rental comes with unlimited photographs, and a trained onsite assistant will always be present.
Photo booths are no longer relics of malls and arcades past. Thanks to the efforts of companies like CapturePod, photo booths can provide top quality and customizability while bringing a new level of fun to your wedding or party.

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