How Does a Clutch Disc System Works?

How many times have you been to the doctor for the treatment that has gone wrong? Getting to the root of the problems in a complex situation is difficult for professionals even. The mechanical problems are very much similar to such scenario. If your vehicle doesn’t start, it could be a result of the various problem and be getting to the actual problem becomes difficult for the mechanic even. It may be an outcome of a simple problem like an empty tank or clogged fuel filter or could be a result of some engine problem. However, to overcome the cause, one needs to have proper knowledge or should have the ability to see various other things.

The clutch systems are one of the crucial components of your automotive. It is something that let you drive your car with a manual transmission or allow your car to move.


Clutch Disc Parts

There are three parts of clutch disc system in the car, which can be read below:

Disc: Mostly made from organic materials, the clutch discs allow a transmission for a slow, smooth increase in power during the acceleration. The organic material allows a smooth transition and gives the quick thrust of power for racing needs. The more metallic or ceramic the disc is, the more the clutch tend to chatter, the tires will burn as a coefficient of friction is high.

Pressure Plate: The clutch pressure plate has a very simple job to do, it applies pressure to the disc and press it against the flywheel. This is the place where clamp loads come in, which is based on the pressure the pressure plate can press against the disc. There are basically three types of pressure plates; the long style, borg & beck style, and the last one is diaphragm style pressure plate. Each type of pressure plate has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Flywheel: It basically serves two purposes. Firstly, it transfers power from engine to the clutch and secondly, it acts as a giant heat sink for clutch disc. When clutch disc and flywheel come into contact, they together produce a large amount of heat.


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