Laurie O’Keefe-Ant Insect Society

The profession of medical and biological illustration is an elite one, with very few members. Of those at the top of their game is Laurie O’Keefe, who created the image featured this week, “Ant Insect Society.”

Ms. O’Keefe has a B.S. in zoology, an M.S. in anatomy, and is a Certified Medical Illustrator (from Colorado State University), and has worked for the last two decades as an independent illustrator in the areas of anatomical, biological, surgical, instructional, veterinary, and scientific illustration for print, presentation, and web use.

O’Keefe’s description for “Ant Insect Society” is as follows:

“Leaf-cutter ant society is featured showing insets of different castes of ants performing tasks within the colony. Inset upper left shows worker ants harvesting leaf tissue, inset upper right shows a soldier ant guarding the nest, inset lower right shows a separate caste of worker ants tending the fungus gardens that provide food for the colony, inset lower left shows the queen ant laying eggs.”

To find out more about Laurie O’Keefe and her work, please visit her website or view her gallery at Science-Art.com.

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