SDHC for Eee PC

The Taiwanese memory manufacturer A-DATA recently introduced a SDHC Class 6 memory cards designated for ASUS’ Eee PC. The new card is aimed towards those who already bought the Eee PC and are disappointed of its limited storage capacity, and towards potential buyers who are hindered by Eee’s limited 4GB hard drive.

A-DATA is offering their special designed accessory as a “permanent” second mass storage device. Although ASUS’s Eee PC has won a lot of attention even prior to its launch, its limited storage has been a well-known problem for many users. A-DATA believes that most users will find the Eee’s storage capacity insufficient and therefore developed the SDHC memory card as a remedy.

The new card offers storage capacities of 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB. Rated as Class 6 performance, A-DATA declares it has a guaranteed (minimum) read/write speed of at least 6MB per second. Furthermore, it supports CPRM Digital Rights Management (DRM) for SDIO digital media players, it has a write protect tab to protect data overwrites, and it is compatible with all devices with SD 2.0/SDHC capability. A-DATA’s SDHC card is officially approved by ASUS (whatever that means) and comes in either white or blue.

TFOT has also covered several other storage technologies including the development of laser hard-drives, and the SanDisk “Vaulter” disk, a device that enables faster launching and loading of software on laptops and on personal computers. Other related TFOT stories include the UMPCs and memory devices exhibited at CeBit 2008, and the Pandora which combines two distinct functions: it is an ultra mobile personal computer (UMPC) and a portable gaming console.

For more information about A-DATA’s new SDHC card, see the company’s website.

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