Seascape – A Cruising Island

Seascape is an innovative concept of a cruising environment that can be best described as an island sailing through the Mediterranean Sea. It will utilize all the green technology available while offering an abundance of attractions. Seascape is designed to be an extraordinary living community, offering its guests 10,000 condominiums and hotel rooms, parks and aquatic settings, as well as different programs and activities such as cultural attractions, educational opportunities, exercise activities, and relaxation. David Grassi, the project designer, stresses the opportunities it might give for each guest to embellish his or her own lifestyle.

Seascape will be designed as a self-sustainable and environmentally safe habitat powered by alternative energy in the form of photovoltaic (PV) cells. Affixing PV cells to the sail as well as to thousands of decks and roofs will allow for distribution of electrical energy via battery storage centers.

Additional energy will be produced through hydro turbines built into the hull structure. Atop the habitation green houses will be placed, resulting in heated air that will form air vortexes. Fresh water will be produced via desalination stations located in the hull, while water required for hydroponics food growing will be produced by recycling wastewater.

Much like a city, Seascape will offer many different environments and attractions, including hundreds of acres of parks, lakes, sculpture courts, outdoor museums, beaches, ski slopes, and hot air balloon trips. Seascape will be linked to land based universities via satellite in order to allow guests to acquire knowledge regarding the cultures and environment of the Mediterranean Sea. Staying in shape will be done by using the different health facilities as well as fitness and sports centers on site. Additionally, various performances and exhibitions will take place on a regular basis.

“Even before arriving, guests will be able to program and command room colors, temperature, and breezes, as well as arrange for entire wall screen informational and educational presentations. Some furnishings will rise, lower, and extend at the command of the user. Auxiliary beds, tables, and seating will fold out from walls, floors, and ceilings,” explains David Grassi.

TFOT previously covered the semi-submerged luxury hotel Amphibious 1000 , which extends horizontally for 1 km and resembles a big aquatic animal stretching out from the land into the sea. TFOT also reported on Crystal Island, an ambitious project that will become the world’s largest inhabited building. It promises to be a city within a city, as it will consist not only of apartments, but will also offer different attractions like museums, shops, and theaters.

More information on Seascape can be found at the Seascape website.

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