Canvas – the Designer’s Computer

Designer Kyle Cherry has introduced a new concept laptop, named Canvas. The Canvas is similar in size to an A3 folio page and is envisioned as a computer for designers and artists. Besides its unusual design, the Canvas has several unique features that designers and artists may appreciate.

The concept behind the Canvas was to allow users with little or no computer experience to make the switch from the traditional work environment and tools to a digital environment. The computer will accomplish this by using a familiar interface, which includes a navigator – a 4 way controller used to scroll around images. Other integrated features include a side bar containing all the necessary toolbars so that the main workspace remains completely clear, and a touch-pad, which works in a similar way to a Wacom.

A more traditional computer interface is also included, and a touch sensitive keyboard is located under the screen and can easily slide back and tilt upwards. Currently, it is not clear whether the Canvas will ever make the transition from a conceptual idea to a real world consumer product.

TFOT recently covered a very similar concept computer, called DesCom, designed by Sung-kyu Nam. We also reported on the Dual Touch Screen Laptop, a briefcase-like laptop with dual 15″ XGA touch screens. Another interesting computer recently covered by TFOT is the Noahpad, a miniature laptop with a unique interface that allows users to unchain themselves from their desks.

For more information about the Canvas see Kyle Cherry’s website.

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