Philips 132 Inch 3D Wall

Philips recently showcased a new gigantic member of its WOWvx 3D display, measuring a whooping 132 inches (335.28 cm). The huge size was achieved by combining no less than nine 42-inch Philips 3D displays in a 3×3 display setup.

The 3D WOWzone is the latest addition to Philips professional 3D display range based on Philips WOWvx technology. Philips is also marketing a new generation of 3D content creation tools for its WOWZone, which should help multimedia experts create true 3D images on the WOWzone. The new display also has an automated dual mode which allows the user to display 3D content as well as 2D HD content.

The Philips 42″ 3D WOWvx on which the WOWZone is based is still very expensive, going for about $12,000. No price was made public for WOWZone on Philips’ website, but a simple calculation shows that it is fairly unreasonable to expect the device to cost any less than $100,000 (if not more).

The WOWZone isn’t something you are expected to put in your living room, and not just because of its size. Its price and functionality make it most suitable for large public places, exhibitions, reception areas and theme parks. Advertisers may be one of its main customers. They can use the WOWZone in order to increase brand and product awareness in large, public places.

TFOT already covered several 3D display technologies on the recent CeBIT 2007 exhibition in Hannover. One interesting piece of technology was the SpatialView MultiSync 32′ LCD 3D display, which seemed to have at least some resemblance to Philips’ WOWvx technology.

According to Philips, the WOWzone is available today on a project basis and will be commercially available from Q1 2008 onwards. The company will demonstrate the WOWzone 3D wall for the first time at the Philips booth in Hall 22 at the IFA 2007 in Berlin, Germany from August 31st (August 30th for press) to September 5th.

More information can be found on the Philips website.

Image: Philips 42″ 3D WOWvx – nine of which create the WOWZone (Credit: Philips).

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