New Smart Camera can Record your Life

A new shoulder mounted camera was developed by researchers in the UK. The smart camera can track the movements of the user and move accordingly, recording what the user sees at all times. The camera can also recognize different hand gestures made by the user and create artificial objects which can be displayed on a laptop which controls the camera wirelessly.

The idea of saving our life on a hard drive isnā€™t new, but there are currently several problems with this idea. Now, a researcher at Bristol University developed a new smart camera system which might help get this dream closer to reality. Dr. Walterio W. Mayol-Cuevas from the Department of Computer Science in Bristol University developed the new camera which can recognize different objects as well as several hand gestures made by the user.

In the image Dr. Cuevas and the smart camera. More information could be found on the Bristol University Computer Science website.

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