Moving Your Mouse with your Eyes

People with disabilities often find it hard to use the computer. Two Israeli students developed a unique softwere which uses a simple camera that tracks the user’s eyes across the screen and can help control the courser without relying on a mouse.

Yaron Gavish and Yariv Trabelsi, two students from the Hadassa College in Jerusalem, decided to address the problem of disabled computer users. Trabelsi who suffers from disability himself together with Gavish founded PCbility – a company dedicated to promoting their softwere for the disabled.  

The new softwere allows the user not only to control the movement of the mouse with his eyes but also to click on objects by focusing his look on the object. This method of controlling might never be as easy as using a mouse but for people who are unable to use it, it could prove to be a blessing.  

A demo of PCbility’s softwere can be downloaded for a 30 days trail from here. A short demonstration video showing how the softwere works could also be found on the site. It is important to note that the softwere is being sold for a very low price (20$) which should make it available for the majority of disabled people.

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