Quietrevolution Helical Wind Turbine

The British start-up Quietrevolution developed a vertical axis wind turbine which is not only more aesthetic but is also better at gathering wind near and around buildings, which frequently vary in direction. The Helical wind turbine is also quieter because the blade tip speed is lower.

The quietrevolution wind turbines will come in three sizes, the first of which is the QR5 which stands 5m high by 3.1m in diameter. Two other sizes are under development: the QR2.5 (2.5m x 2.5m) and the QR12 (12m x 6m). The turbine will be mounted on a tall mast normally 3m, 6m, 9m or 15m tall. The cost of the turbine varies but is estimated at around 60,000 dollars including installation.

According to quietrevolution the QR5 will generate around 10,000 kWh per year in a site with an average wind of 5.9m/s. This is equivalent to about five low-energy houses’ electricity demand, or the electrical needs of a twenty man office. Unlike other turbines which are usually noisy the unique shape of the quietrevolution turbine allows it to operate in near silent which is ideal for operating close to residential areas. The distinctive helical shape of the turbine is also eye pleasing which is impotent since many communities rejected wind turbines because of their visual impact.

As energy problems increase and the danger of global warming becomes more and more apparent, alternative energy resources gain momentum. Wind, one of the most important alternative energy sources has been used on a small scale for decades. Recently, companies from around the world have been working on creating large scale wind farms. One example is the plan to build three hundred forty-one gigantic turbines near the Thames Estuary off the south-east coast of England, Costing almost $3 billion, and producing up to one gigawatt (GW) of power (approximately 25% of London’s domestic use).

More information on the Helical Wind Turbine could be found on the quietrevolution website.

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