Proteus Catamaran

The Proteus is a new type of craft based on what is known as “Wave Adaptive Modular Vassal” (WAM-V) design. Unlike conventional boats, the hull of a WAM-V conforms to the surface of the water. The Marine Advanced Research Company who is currently developing the WAM-V explains that its new design does not push, slap or pierce the waves but rather utilizes flexibility to adapt its structure and shape to the water surface. Instead of forcing the water to conform to the hull, the hull adjusts itself to the sea.

The Proteus prototype is a 100-foot (30 meters) long catamaran with a displacement of 12 tons (24,000 pound) at full load. It is equipped with two 355 hp diesel engines and has a range of over 8000 kilometers (5000 miles) and a top speed of 112 km/h (70 mph). The Proteus is built from several light and strong materials including Titanium, Aluminum and reinforced fabrics. The Proteus prototype has a compartment for two crew members which are all that is required to pilot this large vessel.   

The Proteus will be used to test the WAM-V concept which can have various applications ranging from recreation (cruise ship, extreme water sport etc.), research (monitor marine resources) and military (search and rescue vassal, special operations and a base for smaller unmanned crafts).  

There is currently no word on when the Proteus will finish its test phase and what might be its price on the market when it will be launched.  

More information and images of the Proteus can be found on the Marine Advanced Research website.

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