ASUS Notebook External Graphics Card

The Taiwanese computer company ASUSTeK has announced an external graphics station for notebook computers called XG Station to enable high-end graphics in notebooks.

Notebook computers gained tremendous momentum in recent years and have surpassed the sales of desktop computers in many parts of the world. Modern notebooks are capable of running most Office applications but, apart from some high-end (and usually high-priced and heavy) models, most are unable to deliver high-resolution graphics, making them less useful for gamers. If the ASUS XG Station, which will be released in Q2 2007, lives up to expectations, notebooks will gain new ground. ASUS sees the XG Station as a device that will allow gamers to buy laptops for business and gaming. They’ll be able to bring them home (or to a hotel) and connect them to a large high resolution screen for a high quality 3D gaming experience.  

Revealed for the first time at the Las Vegas computer Expo CES, the XG Station is an external device equipped with Express Card interface, USB 2.0, and Dolby sound output. The XG Station will come equipped with an ASUS EN7900GS graphics card (which is an existing high-end desktop card) that will be connected through the XG Station to any notebook equipped with an Express Card interface. It includes a dedicated control panel for control of the settings through a simple intuitive interface and easy switching between the notebook screen and an external LCD monitor. Users will be able to easily perform overclocking of their graphics card and receive information on the GPU clockspeed and temperature, fan speed, etc.  

According to ASUS, lab experiments on a notebook based on Intel 945GM graphics connected to the XG Station with a ASUS EN7900GS graphics card showed a nine times faster acceleration. We’ll have to wait until Q2 to see whether these claims are true.   

ASUS’ press release of the XG Station can be found on this page.

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