Wrist-Wearable Computer

ZYPAD WL 1000 is a wrist-wearable wireless computer designed to provide instant access to computing capabilities while carrying out non-computer tasks in the field.

Featuring hands-free operation, wireless capabilities, and built-in GPS tracking, the ZYPAD serves as an ideal tool for emergency search and rescue, healthcare, homeland security, maintenance, law enforcement, logistics, transportation, and defense applications. The ZYPAD has a AU 1100 400 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM, & 64 MB ROM. It includes a 802.11 b/g WIFI, class 2 Bluetooth, 12-channel GPS receiver, 240 X 320 3.5" TFT 256K color touch screen with automatic contrast adjust, 1x USB1.1 Master Port, 1x USB1.1 Device Port and a 2200 mAh V Li-ion removable battery.

More information on the ZYPAD WL 1000 can be found here.

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