UA600EX – Powerful WiFi for Land and Sea

California based Amped Wireless recently introduced the new Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Pro USB Adapter providing Mac or Windows computers to connect to WiFi networks from extreme distances.
High Power Wireless-N 600mW
Pro USB Adapter UA600EX

The UA600EX is a high performance wireless network adapter that features a powerful 600mW wireless amplifier as well as a high gain directional antenna capable of reaching up to 4X the wireless range of standard wireless adapters. The UA600EX unit is enclosed in a weatherproof housing and comes with a special heavy duty long (26.5 feet) USB cable that enables both indoor and outdoor use simple and easy. The unit can be mounted on walls, poles or on any flat surface for use in different environments including homes, offices, boats, cars and more.

Some more specs:

  • 802.11n (Backwards compatible w/ 802.11b/g).
  • Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz.
  • Amplifier Power: 600 mW.
  • Wireless Security: WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA Mixed, WPS.
  • Interface: Mini USB to Dual USB 2.0, 1 USB Connection for standard use, 2 USB Connection required for full power 600mW function.

Amped Wireless did not specify exactly what is the range of the UA600EX, other than the 4X that of conventional WiFi network adapter. Long range WiFi is nothing new. Both individuals and organizations have been trying to extend the range of WiFi technology by using different technologies. The TIER project at the University of California at Berkeley (in collaboration with Intel) was able to create long distance point to point network aimed at the developing world. Other groups were able to take WiFi as far as dozes of miles (See for example the Tegola Project at the Edinburgh University).

TFOT covered many advanced wireless technologies including an extensive look at Wimax technology in The Future of WiMAX, A new way to transfer HD content – Celeno Wireless HD, a 2007 study in the Georgia Institute of Technology aimed at reaching Gigabit-Wireless Technology and finally a research at the University of California in San Diego aimed at Troubleshooting System for WiFi Networks.
The UA600EX is relatively inexpensive and is currently on sale for around $100. More information can be found on the Amped Wireless website.

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