CES 2013: Winbot 7 – Your Window Cleaning Robot

The Winbot-7
Already have a robotic vacuum, a robot lawn mower, a robotic pool cleaner? how about a robotic window cleaner? Ecovacs Robotics has a new window cleaning robo-assistant called Winbot 7 on display now on the CES trade show in Las Vegas, which can cut another one of those pesky household chores.
During CES 2013 Ecovacs Robotics displayed a new type of robotic assistant. Externally it doesn’t look very different than many existing vacuum robots (perhaps slightly smaller) but on a closer look you can easily see that this is a new type of machine. The Winbot 7 is actually a new and improved version of an older model developed by Ecovacs which required a magnetic unit on the other side of the window to help keep it in place. As an alternative, the Winbot 7 is based on 2 suction rings powered by a powerful motor which keeps the robot clinging to the window.
Using the Winbot 7 is supposed to be a simple process. Put it on the window and connect its long cord to the socket, the second the robot creates a strong seal, it will let you know by flashing a color LED. Next, the Winbot 7 will move around the window and try to calculate its size and then it will start and move more efficiently to clean the entire window using a special pad soaked in a cleaning solution.
Although the Winbot 7 uses a cable for power as well as for security proposes it also has a three hour backup battery which kick into action if the power is down from some reason. The 4.5 pound Winbot 7 can clean all sorts of flat surfaces including all type of windows and mirrors.


The Winbot 7 should be available for purchase around April 2013 for about 400-500 dollars.
More information on the Winbot 7 can be found on the Ecovacs Robotics website.
A video showing the Winbot 7 in action


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