GLAS.t Will Protect your iPhone

GLAS.t - protecting your iPhone

GLAS.t – protecting your iPhone
There are endless screen protectors on the market, and the manufacturers themselves are working hard on improving the ruggedness of your precious mobile device displays. In the meantime an LA based company developed a unique approach to protecting the glass screen on your device – adding another super strong scratch resistant glass on top of it.

SPIGEN, is a Los Angeles based manufacturer of scratch-resistant coating films and cases for mobile devices. Recently they came up with GLAS.t – a product made to protect your mobile device’s LCD from damage and scratches using specially processed glass that has been reinforced to increase shock absorbency. The surface of the GLAS.t is transparent and the back side of the glass is covered with a strong silicon adhesive for simple installation. According to the company, once the glass is installed on a unit there are no gaps between it and the LCD which means that the sensitivity of the touch screen of the device is unaffected.

In a video released by the company, you can see how the GLAS.t works and why SPIGEN describes it as the best screen shield money can buy. The GLAS.t is a 0.4mm thick piece of chemically treated, transparent tempered glass. It does add a slight thickness to your device but unlike normal glass, its covered with a special material called Oleophobic Coating. What the Oleophobic coating does is prevent fingerprints and other contaminants from sticking to the surface of the glass, as well as making it easier to clean if something does stick (now why doesn’t anybody make windows that do that… well actually they do).
Some tests conducted online found out that the GLAS.t delivers on its promise to be a scratch resistant, smudge free, and easy to install screen protector. The only drawbackthey found was when choosing a case you should check in advance that the screen protector isn’t too thick to fit in the case after you install it. But other than that and the somewhat high price compared to the competition (around 28$), the GLAS.t seems to live up to the expectations.
You can find the GLAS.t on the SPIGEN website and it is currently made for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S devices.

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