Google Chrome OS-based Netbook Specs Are Out

According to rumors, Google netbook, which is based on the Chrome OS, features impressive technical specifications, placing it among the elite netbooks available today. Although the specs are currently subject to speculations, many websites have already given publicity to these possible technical features.
Illustration (Credit: IBTimes, UK)
Illustration (Credit: IBTimes, UK)

The specified features include a compact display, sized at 10.1-inch, which was surprisingly made to the standard of HD-ready; in addition, it’s multi-touch. The monitor is powered by Nvidia’s latest Tegra chip, and the system also includes an ARM CPU, and SSD hard drive sized at mediocre 64GB (but it will be fast, thanks to the solid-state technology). The RAM memory is of 2GB, there are Bluetooth and 3G support, webcam, standard 3.5mm audio jack, multi-card reader, and multiple USB ports (some netbooks have only one). The OS, of course, will be the glorified Chrome OS. However, it has its share of disadvantages; for instance, the OS has constant need for a reliable Internet connectivity.

The blogosphere, as well as news’ websites, have given much coverage to this future netbook, especially now that the alleged specifications are out. Though cited as a rumor only, valued websites such as TechNewsWorld, CNET, ZDNET, Wired and PC World have all posted an article about it.

The netbook, which is expected to launch in the holiday season of 2010, will run the Chrome OS and it will be equipped with various Google applications, such as Google Maps, Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar.

Market rumors concern the price tag as well; experts say the Google netbook will be subsidized, sporting a price lower than $300. Furthermore, rumor has it that Google will sell it directly to consumers, instead of using the more traditional method of selling through vendors. However, in some countries Google will likely team up with one or more network operators in order to sell it as part of a bundled 3G plan, making it a potential rival of Nokia Booklet 3G.

TFOT has also previously covered the gOS Cloud, an operating system that can boot into a Google, Yahoo, or Live browser in seconds; although the same concept is implemented in Google’s future netbook, gOS was presented much earlier. Another related TFOT story covers the ASUS EeePC T101H Tablet netbook, launched at March 2009.

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