Earning Without Investing: The New Landscape of Passive Income

Passive income has been a revenue stream for many people for a long time. It usually entails that some invested has to be made to earn it. That is, you have to spend money to earn money, especially when it comes to passive income. However, technological advancements have proved otherwise, and various options on gaining passive income without making any investment appeared online.

This changed the overall understanding of passive income as a concept. Why is this not more widespread? The cause would probably be the lack of understanding that certain revenue streams can be categorized as passive income.

To put through a better understanding of the new landscape, there needs to be an explanation how some passive income streams may not appear as such when they are, in the correct sense, indeed that. When it comes to online shopping, it is remarkably important to find the products you need at the best price and doing so in an environment that is safe and secure. ShipTheDeal has expert reviews with coupon codes, discounts, sign-up bonuses, and much, much more. They link directly to the stores from their site, so you can feel secure in that you are visiting the official store website. Save money safely. It’s sort of the online shopping dream, and ShipTheDeal is the spot for that.

What Is Passive Income?

Passive income is money you earn without actively working for it. It can come from investments, rental properties, businesses that don’t require your daily involvement, or any other source of regular income. You can make money even when you’re not actively working with passive income.

Passive income is different from active income because with active income, you have to work for the money each time and be directly involved in earning it. With passive income, once your initial setup and investment are complete, the money will keep coming in with minimal effort from you.

Some popular sources of passive incomes include real estate investments such as rental properties or stocks and long-term bonds, which generate dividend payments. These are all ‘traditional’ means of passive income, but needless to say, they require an investment to make money grow.

Creativity, Education, and Passive Income

You may be wondering what the connection here between creativity, education, and passive income is, and the answer is rather simple — photography and online courses.

Starting with the first one, as the stock photography market is rising rapidly, apps are appearing that can help you capitalize on this trend. The demand for new photographs is almost never-ending, which means image providers require that simple solutions. In today’s age of smartphones, almost everyone is carrying a good-quality camera in their pockets.

By utilizing apps that automatically (and free of charge) upload your photos that you take to stock image marketplaces, it is possible to create a passive income stream just by taking pictures. Photos are not paintings; multiple copies can be created easily, which means that uploading just a few photographs would guarantee an income stream as long as the marketplace itself is up.

Similar situation can be observed in the e-learning sphere. This market is also on an upwards trend, and since all the equipment required for creating teaching materials is available at your fingertips, this can also be turned into a passive income solution. Though more effort is required to create the course material, if you happen to have an expertise in a certain field, it could prove profitable in the long run. Purchases of the course material can run for as long as the platform is running.

Automated Sale Of Resources

Admittedly, taking photos and creating online courses, despite being free, do take some effort and time. The further advancement in the field of passive income comes from passive income apps. They provide the user with income for letting the app use a certain resource that is present on the user’s device.

This may sound confusing, so let’s take the app Honeygain as an example. In this app’s case, the resource used is internet bandwidth. The app runs in the background and automatically sells the unused bandwidth on the user’s device to its vast network of clients. This bandwidth is used for SEO research, price aggregation, ad verification and other similar cases.

As the application is running, the user receives 3 credits for each 10 MB of traffic that is shared. 1000 credits translates to $1, and once the user reaches $20 worth of credits, they are able to pay out directly to PayPal or use the crypto option. The crypto used is JumpToken (JMPT), and it was created by Honeygain’s partner JumpTask. The aforementioned partner is a gig economy platform where users are paid for completing various tasks.

Needless to say, there are more passive income apps available. The biggest advantage they provide is completely effortless earning, as no input is required from the user (besides installation and registration).

All in all, there are various unexpected passive income streams available that do not require any monetary investment. Unfortunately, though, not a lot of people realize that these solutions are indeed passive income ones. Hopefully, a change in this outlook will be coming in the near future, and more people will realize that there are ways to make money without spending money.

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