Garage Storage Optimization Tips To Improve Home Value

Renovation and upgrades in a home make it look better and comfier, but in reality, they are not worth it sometimes.

As a homeowner with the intention of selling one day, you should always consider upgrades that would yield a return on investment. A properly optimized garage can be the major reason a buyer will choose your property ahead of any other in the same area, especially if they have a growing family.

Some buyers will not even check out your home if you do not have a garage.


Tips to optimize garage storage

Here are some of the ways you can optimize your garage storage to increase your home value:


No buyer will be able to fully appreciate the value of your garage if it is dirty. A clean garage brings out the beauty and features your investment in it. —From sweeping and mopping the floors to removing clutter and excess items, it can be an arduous task to do on your own. Thankfully, there are roll off dumpsters available to help you with these tasks.

That is why this is the first and most important step. 


Tips for decluttering your garage

  • Select and discard things you do not need

Identify things you can do without in your garage, such as your kids’ old bike, which they have grown out of. Give out old clothes and books you do not need anymore. 

You can also conduct a garage sale to make money off these wastes or donate to charity in your area.

  • Do not dispose of items with emotional attachment

Discuss with your spouse and children before discarding things that belong to them. They might have an emotional attachment to the item you consider junk.

  • Proper cleaning                 

Once you have concluded on things to keep, clean them. Likewise, do a thorough cleaning of the garage too.

Overhead storage

Consider using storage areas above the ground to maximize space in your garage. The ceiling and wall are some of these areas; they tend to be overlooked a lot.

Meanwhile, they can be easily leveraged by installing USA Overhead Racks

Things to consider when buying overhead storage

  • Space

The space in your garage will determine the dimension of the overhead storage you can install. Manufacturers usually make them in custom sizes. Measure the size of the area you will be installing the racks before you place an order. 

  • Load Capacity

Storage racks are designed to withstand different amounts of weight. Conclude on the things you want to store in them and where they will be used – ceiling or wall.

  • Installation

It is not all companies that offer free installation. For effective budgeting, confirm before patronizing them. Also, only use competent installers, as their work will determine your safety around the overhead racks.

Tools arrangement

Based on their nature of use, they are easy to scatter across the garage.

This is dangerous and could also result in you being unable to locate them whenever you need them.

Racks can help you keep them organized and in one place.

How to arrange your tools in a garage

  • Take inventory

List all your tools. After this, identify the ones you want to keep; those you will dispose of while you can donate others. 

  • Organize them

This can be done by grouping them based on use or shape. For instance, you can group screwdrivers and spanners together. Or group all gardening tools together.

  • Store separately

Once grouped, store the tools in separate boxes where you can easily access them.

Garage Door

Check your garage door to ensure they are in good shape and function normally. The exterior, which potential home buyers would see, needs to be appealing enough.

How to select the perfect garage door

  • Dimension

Measure the height and width of your door frame. Also, check different designs online for inspiration.

  • Budget

The price of a garage door is determined by various factors such as material and size. Manufacturers may also factor the warranty into the pricing. Meanwhile, you can be sure of recouping above 90 percent of the amount spent on changing your garage door during resale.

  • Storage space

The activities you intend to perform in the garage can influence the choice of door. For some homeowners, a garage could also be a living space.


A garage is expected to be well-illuminated to avoid accidents and enable ease of movement. Go for motion-sensitive lights to conserve energy and provide enough illumination to work. Buyers will surely like this against walking into a dark garage during an inspection.

How to choose the right garage lighting 

  • Dimension

Consider the available spaces for bulb fitting. Fewer with higher brightening capability is better.

  • Durability

Check the guaranteed life span of the bulb. You do not want to walk into your garage a few weeks after installation and be welcomed by darkness.

  • Installation

To save cost, go for affordable and easy installation lighting options. A lighting option that uses the existing wiring will indeed reduce your expenses.

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