Renovating your House so you Have your Dream Home

If you have your own home and you have always wanted to create your dream house then now is your chance. You may worry that with the cost-of-living crisis, you won’t be able to afford all these renovations you want to carry out. However, the good news is that you can do most home improvements on a budget. They don’t have to include big fancy electric gates or a long driveway, well they can if that is what you want. If you are unsure of how to achieve your dream home, then take a look at the article below.


One of the first things you will need to work out when you want to carry out home renovations is how much money you will need. These works will always cost you something so don’t expect to get many of your home improvements for free. You can of course make your home look impressive with whatever you have laying around currently. Figure out how much you have to put towards your dream home by working out your incomings and outgoings. This will show you how much you have left at the end of the month to put towards those renovations. Make a list of all the works and changes you would like to get done along with any costs that go along with these then you will have a rough idea of how much the whole thing will cost you.


Something that you might like to change in your home is the current lighting. If this is something that has been installed in your home since you moved in, then it could be looking a bit dated. It is essential you change the lighting throughout your home to match your new aesthetic as you don’t want it to stand out and be too obvious that this is something you haven’t changed. There are many lighting options out there so it shouldn’t be too tricky to find one that works for you and your home. Maybe take a trip to a lighting showroom so you know how it would look in any room of your home. Some lighting can be trickier than others to install and change bulbs, spotlights for instance. If you have these installed in your home, then you will need to have a suction cup to get these out of the ceiling to change the bulbs over.


If you are updating bits of your home one step at a time, then something that might be on your list is the flooring. If you have had the same flooring for the duration of your time living in the property, then it may be looking tired and mucky. Flooring is something that takes a huge hit and needs lots of TLCS due to people constantly walking on it. Carpets can become dirty and worn while hardwood flooring can lose its shine. Think about what type of flooring you would like in your dream home. There are pros and cons to both options, if you have carpet, they are harder to clean while the hardwood floor gets cold. If you are having hardwood installed throughout your home, then you might like to invest in some rugs to place throughout.

New Kitchen

You might not like your current kitchen and dread cooking in there every night. If this wasn’t one of the main buying points of your home then you might be looking to change this. Don’t panic, you don’t have to rip your entire kitchen out to install new features. Of course, if you do want a new kitchen then perhaps you could visit a kitchen showroom to get some ideas. There are many different kitchen designs and layouts, it all comes down to how much space you have to play with. Perhaps you could get in touch with a contractor who will come in and speak to you about what possibilities you have for your new kitchen. If you don’t want a new kitchen right now, then you can do some budget-friendly renovations throughout. One example is painting the kitchen cupboards and adding new handles, so it looks brand new but doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.


If you are lucky enough to have a garage, then don’t forget to see if there is anything you can do to make it look and feel less like a garage. If your garage is accessible via an internal door in your home, then you could make it another room. Lots of people convert their garages if they are short of space. Make sure you weatherproof it and make sure it won’t feel cold in the chilly winter months. Alternatively, if you use your garage to store your cars then how about you install some containment mats on the ground? These are great to have in your garage as they ensure you don’t tread mud, ice, or snow from the garage floor all through your home.


When you are busy renovating the inside of your home it can be easy to forget that you have a garden as well. If you end up with a beautiful interior but neglect the garden, then you will be disappointed when you head out there to chill. If you are unsure of how to make your garden look appealing and welcoming, then speaking to a landscape gardener can give you some inspiration. They could even do it for you rather than you trying to do it yourself, this way you know you will end up with a professional finish. Once that is done, think about how else you can make it homely and comforting. Maybe think about what sort of furniture you want in your garden for when you want to relax after a hard day at work.

Enhance the charm of your dream home by incorporating vibrant flower boxes, adding a touch of natural beauty and freshness to the renovated spaces.


As well as fixing the garden and making it look warm and welcoming you should take a look at the general condition of the exterior of your home. This can become worn and tired over the years of it being hit with extreme weather conditions. One thing you should always be checking on is the roof to ensure it is still in one piece. When it gets battered by heavy rains or hurricanes then this can cause holes in the roof. If you don’t want to find your newly renovated home exposed to rainwater, fix any holes you find as soon as possible. If you have an exterior that can be painted then you might want to give this a lick of paint to bring it back to life. Match the existing paint color or switch it up to a brand new one.


Heading back inside, how are your walls looking? Over time your walls can start to look murky and grimy especially if you have children. There will never be an end to the fingerprints you keep finding smudged all over the walls. If you want to give your walls a makeover during your renovation, then think about what colors you want to use. The great thing you can get nowadays is tester pots because sometimes the color charts just aren’t enough to know if you like the color. If you can’t find a color that you like, why not look at different wallpapers instead? This is sometimes harder to put up than simply painting the walls, however, you can invest in some pretty patterns and colors.

Wall Decoration

As well as paint or wallpaper you might want to add some personal touches to the walls. If you did decide to choose paint then how about sticking up some wall decals over the top? If you are decorating the living room or bedroom then you can get some pretty inspiring quotes such as follow your dreams or today is a good day. Take a look online to see if there are any that take your fancy, you will be pleasantly surprised at the selection you find.


Is your bathroom looking a bit worse for wear? If you have a big family or you spend a lot of your time in the bathroom then it can end up looking a bit worn out. For example, if you have a bath surround that is made of wood or MDF it can become damp or rot away due to exposure to bath water. Changing this up a bit will give you a lovely, happy feeling when you walk in there to have a bath after a long hard day. Try and get one that isn’t made of wood if you want to install a new one as these will last much longer as well as always look brand new. You might be someone that prefers showers to baths, if this is the case then see if you can switch it up a bit and install a shower. This is a job for a professional as you never know what you will find when you rip the old things out.

We hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you some tips and tricks on how you can create and achieve your dream home. Here’s to many happy years living in your new, fancy house.

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