7 Tips for More Efficient and Engaging Business Training

If you want your business to be as efficient and effective as possible, you need to ensure that your employees have all of the right training they need to do the job well. Not only that, but you need to ensure that the training your offer is as efficient and engaging as possible if it is to be worth your while.

Below you will find some simple tips that will help you ensure any training your company undertakes is not only as efficient as it can possibly be to save you time and money, but also as engaging as it can possibly be so that your staff will take notice and learn everything they are meant to learn.

1. Use video training

If you’re wondering how you should deliver training to your staff, we would strongly suggest that you opt for video training. Why? Because once video training has been created, you can use it time and time again, editing it when new information is required, which means it is more efficient for you to do so. For this, you can use an easy video editor to edit your training videos professionally and easily.

Not only that, but using video training will mean that staff can watch and learn in their own time, so they can choose the sites when they are most receptive to learning. It is also possible to personalize video learning to some extent b using different formats from animation to spoken word so that whichever way your employees learn best, they can be engaged and learn more effectively.

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2. Give them a pen and paper

This might sound strange in the technological age, but giving your staff pens and paper so that they can make noted will help to improve the effectiveness of the training. Numerous studies have shown that we are more likely to remember and understand information when we take physical notes, so although using technology is also important, going old school on the note-taking front will really help it all to sink in as quickie as possible, and be assimilated by the students.

3. Ensure you’re all using the dame devices

One thing that can really slow down the progress of a training session is having lots of different people using different devices which may not be compatible with the exercises or which may not work with your chosen video format.

Luckily, there is a simple solution in the form of iPad rentals which you can use to hire everyone the same device for the duration of the course to ensure that the training can be delivered quickly and effectively to everyone without any hitches.

4. Make it interactive

If you want to make what can be a pretty stale training session more engaging, then making it interactive can be a good way to do this, providing you think about what kind of interaction your staff will enjoy.

For example, they might love to get involved in a quiz where they are split into teams to test their newly learned knowledge, but they might really hate the idea of making their own video presentations, Every group is different, so try to think about the dynamics you are dealing with and then build in interactive elements that will be fun for them, while also teaching them the relevant information. Don’t simply have them sitting at a desk for the duration of the teasing because that can be very boring and many people will simply disengage after a point.

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5. Link it back to the real world

It’s all well and good teaching your staff information from a book or video course, but unless you link it up to the real world and give them real-life examples of how it will work in practice, it will probably not be as effective as it could be.

If it is safe to let them practice their new skills for real in a controlled environment, try to do that, and if that is not the case, simply discuss with them how they could use their new skills on the job when they get back to work so that they are constantly making links between what they are learning and how the information and skills will be used in the course of the working day.

6. Make it as informal as possible

When you make business training too formal, you can make it difficult for people to approach you if they are finding certain aspects of the training trickier than most. If they know that you are always there for advice and if you create a learning environment that is inclusive and not too stuffy, then they are more likely to admit to you that they are struggling which means you can get them more support and not end up wasting a training session because one or more of your employees did not get it and were too scared to say so!

7. Offer booster courses

Of course, no matter how well your business training is delivered, and no matter how engaging it is, there will always be people who find it harder than most, and not everyone will be able to assimilate every sadet of it the first time, Not only that, but things can change and you may need to approach certain aspects of running your business in a different way.

That is why it is always important that you offer regular booster courses or refresher sessions which will help to solidify the information and keep it in your staff’s mind and ensure that they stay up to date with the latest requirements. If you fail to do this, you will fail your staff and your business will suffer too.

Although these tips will certainly help you to make your business training more efficient and engaging, it is important that you monitor the progress of your twining, keep data on it, and continuously look to improve your processes. The world and technology are constantly changing, so what works well now might not work in the future, and the more monitoring you do, the easier it will be for you to modify your training processes as the world moves on.

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