Bedroom Bookcases – An Interior Design Marvel

Did you swoon when you saw the illustrious wall library in the animated movie “Beauty and the Beast’? We did too! If you are an avid reader or try to be one, you may want multiple bedroom bookcases in your room. Bedroom bookcases are a great accessory for your bedroom. It adds aesthetic value to the room, but it is also very functional and gives the room a personal feel. 

Photo by Huseyn Kamaladdin from Pexels

Bedroom bookcases come in different styles and sizes. You can choose the most suitable ones as per the interior design of your room. Let’s take a brief look at some of the styles you can go for: 

Modern Bookcases 

If you have a bedroom with modern furniture, then you shouldn’t pair it with any other type of bookcase. You can easily find modern bookcases in interesting styles. Baxton styles are also modern bookcases and can be a great aesthetic addition to your modern bedroom. 

Mid Century Bookcases 

If you want something similar to the library in ‘Beauty and the Best,’ then Mid Century bookcase styles are surely the option for you. The Midcentury bookcases are usually wooden and have tiny legs at the bottom. You can find these bookcases in many sizes. They can either be horizontal or vertical with multiple compartments. 

Even if you do not have mid-century furniture in your bedroom, you can still use the mid-century bookcase as a statement piece. This will look aesthetically pleasing. 

Contemporary Bookcases 

Contemporary bookcases come with unique designs. They may not be a complete bookcase with legs or follow the traditional fixture styles, but they can be very artistic. Most contemporary bookcases are wall fixtures. There are many styles within the contemporary category that you can choose from according to your bedroom’s theme. 

Bookcases with Doors 

If you have toddlers in your home who love exploring, then perhaps a bookshelf with doors could be a better option. A bookcase like that can also keep your valuable books safe. You can get bookcases with glass doors to still look at your books and put them on display. A glass door can also be good if you want to put figurines and decoration pieces there. 

Vintage Bookcases 

Vintage furniture is always an aesthetic marvel. With a vintage bookcase, you can give your home an ancient and classy vibe. Vintage bookcases are usually bigger than other options and have given you ample space to keep all your books. These wooden bookcases are a sight for sore eyes and can improve your room’s overall aesthetic. 

“A bookshelf is as particular to its owner as are his or her clothes; a personality is stamped on a library just as a shoe is shaped by the foot.”

– Alan Bennett

Choose your bookcase wisely, and you shall enjoy the simple pleasure of owning and reading books! 

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