Different Ways Technology Can Be Used in the Bedroom

A Bedroom is a place for resting and relaxing and feeling warm and cozy. It is usually designed accordingly with pleasant and calming color and décor combinations. Even the furniture and accessories are coordinated to accomplish such a look and feel. But, there is another aspect, technology, which can complete and enhance this look and feel.It can also make the bedroom feel more relaxing, pleasant, calm and inviting. Such options, which are available online on sites including Urban Ladder, include the following:-

(a) Automatic Lights: Automatic lights are turned on and off through a remote, which you can carry with you to bed. This saves you the trouble of getting out of bed every time to switch the light on or off. In addition, you can adjust and vary the intensity of the light based on your requirement. You can also get lights that automatically turn on and gradually increase in intensity to imitate a rising sun. This can especially be useful in winter or the early hours of the morning when there is hardly any light. Through this option, you can conveniently wake up in a light-filled room rather than in the dark.

(b)Automated Blinds and Curtains: These are convenient, save time, and are coordinated according to the design and style of your bedroom. They are conveniently operated from a remote, which you can take with you when you get into bed. By automatically moving the blinds/curtains to open and close them, you can adjust the amount of light coming in. In addition, blinds/curtains are available in opaque, translucent and transparent options, which you can use according to convenience. As they are automated, at nighttime it saves time and effort of getting out of bed to draw the blinds/curtains. This ensures that you remain relaxed and calm and have a good night sleep. In the morning you can again automatically draw the blinds/curtains first and then gradually get out of bed.

(c) Automated Bed: The automated bed can literally make the bed by itself and save you the time and effort of doing so.It very importantly has a safety feature that can detect the occupancy of the bed. This is an inbuilt feature and prevents the bed from being made if it is occupied. Called a “Smart Bed”, it automatically straightens the bedding and then straightens and places the pillows at the bed’s front-end/head.

(d) Remotely Setting the Bedroom Air Conditioner: The air conditioner can also be set remotely at the correct temperature if your house is a “Smart House”. This is incredibly useful, as you can be anywhere and do not have to worry about switching it on. It saves you the hassle of running back home to physically turn on the air conditioner. In summer, it means that you can have the bedroom cooled and ready by the time you reach home.

(e) Hydraulic Beds with Storage Options: These are exceedingly useful and convenient to lift and use whenever the need arises. They provide plenty of storage space and are especially convenient for less commonly used items. They can come as single storage spaces or one that is divided into compartments. They provide the combined benefits of a comfortable bed and the utility of a storage space.



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