How Furniture Trends are Meeting Futuristic Demands

Image by chien than from Pixabay

Science fiction has long been based on the idea that technology, science, and engineering will continue to grow by leaps and bounds for an indeterminate amount of time. You only need to turn to Robert Heinlein’s works to find things such as solar-powered homes, water beds, microwaves, and even the latest plans to send people to the mood as a commercial enterprise.

You can also see examples of futuristic technology that we thought would be possible by now in science fiction television shows and movies. The example that everyone recognizes is the Back to the Future franchise, with the “futuristic” scenes placed in 2015. When 2015 came around and we were nowhere near hoverboards, most of society demanded to know where their hoverboards were.

Even though we may not be as technologically advanced as we hoped we would be by the 21st century. When you consider the last 100 years since the roaring 20s, we have made some significant scientific discoveries and technological advances. While you may not have a robot housekeeper or flying cars like on The Jetsons, you can still get furniture that looks what we used to call futuristic.

These low price loveseats are easy to find here: https://www.1stopbedrooms.com/living/living-room-furniture/loveseats, especially when you search within modern, contemporary, or industrial furniture collections. The most commonly used loveseats for the futuristic space are those with the clean lines of the mid-modern era combined with the stark white or art deco hues. But you should also look for high-tech loveseats, with features that make your loveseat part of your smart home.

Charging stations

Today’s loveseats and sofas are being made with built-in charging stations. These are usually made up of one or two USB charging ports accessible to each side. They might be located on the exterior sides of the loveseat, or they could be located on a center console between the two seats. 

These USB ports are perfect for charging headphones, smartphones, tablets, or other smart devices. Power is run to the loveseat through UL listed power cords that can plug into any wall outlet, even one controlled by your smart home.

Reclining seats with cup holders

If you’re going to be using technology devices while sitting on your love seat, you should make sure that you choose one that protects your devices as you are using them or charging them. A loveseat in which each side reclines individually could give you the ability to change your lap into a work area with your tablet with keyboard, laptop, or connected notebook. Cup holders help ensure that there are no accidental spills that could ruin your electronics.

Built-in speakers

If you have a tendency to not be able to hear the television well, you can sometimes find loveseats with built-in speakers where the headrests are on the back of the couch. This allows you to hear the television like never before, and all you need is a television with Bluetooth capability. You might also look for other techy features, such as cord management or integration with your smart home.

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