Smart Home Gadgets to Increase Your Property Rental Bookings

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Image by ADMC from Pixabay

So let’s say that you own a vacation rental property, but you haven’t seen an increase in your bookings— maybe you’ve even seen a decrease. Or maybe it’s your first time renting out your space on Airbnb, but no one seems to be interested in your place. The thing to figure out is why this is happening and your earnings have been stagnant.

If you’ve done everything you could think of to make your home a desirable choice… but nothing seems to be working, you may need to consider that maybe your home is missing something that travelers have in their homes? It could be something that they’re used to having, so it would feel strange to them to rent a place that doesn’t have what their homes have.

If this is the case, it’s time to re-evaluate your home’s amenities and features. In many cases, you more than likely have nice bedding, furniture, and other comfort elements, but what do you have as far as technology? Is your home considered “smart” or at least equipped with modern technological advancements that most people are accustomed to? If not, here are some smart gadgets that will be sure to increase your rental property’s bookings.

Smart Gadgets

Smart gadgets are devices that can be wirelessly joined to other devices. A primary example is your phone. These days, almost everyone owns some type of smartphone, and many people also use smartwatches and tablets. These are some very well-known smart devices that millions of people own… but what about smart devices for your home?

Many people have these devices in their homes, as studies have shown that they make life easier. Is your home missing smart devices? Or maybe you already own some and you didn’t even realize it.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is probably the most familiar smart home gadget. It’s a smart device that works by voice command. People can use this smart device for just about anything— playing music or audiobooks; news updates, such as traffic conditions and the weather; and it can even be connected to other smart devices.

Smart TVs

You probably already own a smart TV and didn’t even know that it’s something you could include in your listing. Nowadays even hotels have smart TVs. And since virtually everyone has a smartphone, people can easily connect their phones to smart TVs to watch certain streaming services.

Security and Energy-Efficient Devices

Not only are smart devices beneficial to your renters, but they are beneficial to you as well. There are smart doorbells, such as Ring, that act as a security camera. You can also install smart locks to eliminate the need for keys. Other smart devices, such as smart lights and smart vents can save you money on energy.

It has been proven that places on Airbnb receive higher reviews (therefore leading to more bookings) if the homes are equipped with smart devices. So if you already have some smart home gadgets, make sure to include that in your listing. If you don’t, consider purchasing at least one to see some increase in your bookings. Whether you’re an active host or not, smart devices can be seen as an investment since they’re helpful to you too.

Make Your Bookings Effortless

Even with all of these smart home gadgets that can seemingly do everything, nothing beats having a real person managing your property. If you use Airbnb to rent out your own personal home from time to time, management is simple. However, some people have specific, or multiple properties that they own, and managing those can be time-consuming.

Airbnb property managers can relieve you of the stress of managing multiple, or even just one property, and you’ll still be able to earn money from your hostings. Even if you travel extensively and rent your home out to travelers, you can still benefit from some type of property manager.

Smart home gadgets make your home more efficient, attractive, and safe, all while making your life easier. Some people may be so used to having these gadgets in their own homes that it would seem like a huge inconvenience to rent a home without them. Not only do they increase bookings, but they are a great investment in your rental property and even your own home.

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