What to Expect from Good Landscape Maintenance Services?

In order for the lawn to please us with its thick and emerald carpet, we need constant care for it. It requires not just regular mowing, but a whole range of activities that do not stop throughout the entire period of its growth on the site.

You can’t get a beautiful lawn without constant and thorough care. There will be no great result if you skip at least one type of lawn care. Careful care must be carried out from the first days of the life of the lawn on the site. It must be systematic, complete, and regular. In addition to basic care procedures, we need to carry out activities that are purely preventive in nature.

Lawn care should be carried out by professionals who are well aware of all the subtleties and nuances. For example, the height of the grass that must be sustained when cutting depends on many factors. If you make it too low, then this will lead to the rapid emergence of weeds that will spoil the appearance of the lawn. If, on the contrary, the blades of grass turn out to be too high, then with a high degree of probability the root system will soon be affected by the fungus. That is why lawn maintenance is often trusted to experienced professionals. What can you expect when choosing expert lawn maintenance services?

What can you expect when choosing professional landscaping services?

Lawn mowing. In order for the lawn to look as neat and tidy as possible from an external point of view, regular mowing is necessary. As a rule, this procedure is carried out by specialists once every 2-4 weeks. However, the above frequency may vary depending on what crops the lawn is sown with. So, for example, cereal crops require frequent cutting, and clover rarely needs to be cut. For cutting, it is recommended to use specially designed tools, namely trimmers or lawnmowers. As for the positive effects of this procedure, in addition to improving the appearance, it should be noted that thanks to the haircut, you can get rid of weeds, as well as stimulate and activate the growth of grass cover. At the end of the procedure, it is imperative to remove all mowed grass so as not to provoke the occurrence of diseases.

Watering. Professional watering is carried out using special equipment and tools. For proper watering of grassy areas, specialists ensure that the soil is properly moistened. As for the regularity of watering, this procedure should be carried out once every 2-3 days. Even though watering is carried out regularly, care must be taken to ensure that it is not excessive. Excessive moisture can lead to fungal diseases or even rotting. The water temperature should not be either too high or too low. If you ignore this rule, then the grass will experience severe stress and lose the ability to absorb nutrients and minerals from the soil, respectively, it will die over time. In addition, the irrigation procedure is carried out using special devices: hoses with a diffuser, sprinkler, or sprinkler. This rule is due to the fact that direct jets of water can cause irreparable harm to plants.

Control of diseases and weeds. Spring lawn care begins with the removal of perennial rhizomatous weeds and mechanical cleaning because it is necessary to remove dry leaves and debris that have gathered over the winter, as well as comb out the moss and a layer of dry grass that forms on the surface of the lawn soil. In addition to all the above activities, experts also pay attention to the fight against negative environmental influences, namely diseases and pests. So, if we talk about diseases of the lawn, then most often they arise due to a lack of such an important trace element as iron. Accordingly, in order to avoid diseases, the grassy surface should be treated with special chemicals that make up for its shortage. It should be borne in mind that professional treatment with chemicals is carried out very carefully, observing all safety rules. So it is always beneficial to hire a professional lawn weed control service.

Aeration. This is a procedure that contributes to the saturation of the soil with oxygen. In addition, it improves the process of absorption of nutrient minerals. Specialists carry out aeration 2 times a year. To carry out this event, soil is punctured by means of a mechanical aerator or a special aerator lining. After aerating the soil, it is recommended to feed it.

 Lawn fertilizer. In order for your grass cover to actively grow and develop, experts check the soil for a sufficient content of nutrient minerals. If the soil is depleted in this respect, then fertilizer and top dressing should also be added to the mandatory measures. As for the regularity and intensity of fertilization, it should be borne in mind that these indicators depend on the individual characteristics of the soil and external environmental conditions.

 Should you trust professionals?

A well-groomed lawn always looks great. But few people know how much work has gone into making it look like this. However, we always have the choice to do the work ourselves or entrust it to a professional commercial landscaping company. This choice may not always be obvious. In this case, it is worth comparing the time and effort spent on the work with the money spent on the services of professionals. Lawn dethatching service for example is a complex event that requires constant attention, a large amount of special equipment, practical skills, and a great deal of time. The high-quality landscaping services in cities like Milwaukee, Green Bay, and others will help you achieve amazing results without taking up your time at all. Regularly performing the above set of landscape care measures, specialists not only achieve the attractive appearance of the grass cover on your site, but also take care of its healthy condition in order to preserve the beauty of the cover for many years.

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