Employment Litigation – What You Need to Know?

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Employment litigation is nothing but a lawsuit in which an employer is sued by his or her employee for employment-related issues. Employment litigation generally includes cases related to wrongful termination, compensation disputes, contract disputes, etc. There are many employers who don’t pay overtime amounts, while don’t pay the monthly salaries. 

Employment litigation attorneys will ensure that you get paid for the work you have done. In fact, employment litigation attorneys will make sure that your employer pays you as per the law.

These employment litigation attorneys will handle sexual harassment cases as well. We all know that sexual harassment can turn the whole atmosphere at the workplace into a very unproductive one. In fact, employees will lose interest on their work due to sexual harassment. They will also suffer mentally a lot due to sexual harassment. 

Most companies have certain rules in place when it comes to sexual harassment. To be honest, zero-tolerance policies are in place for sexual harassment cases in most companies. But many employees are hesitant to open-up about what they are going through.

Whenever an employee faces such situations, the first thing which she must do is report the incident to HR. Your company’s HR will conduct the necessary investigation and act accordingly. If you didn’t get a proper response from your HR at the office, then you must contact an attorney who has some good experience in handling this kind of case. 

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Employment Litigation Process

Visit a good attorney in your location with all the proofs which you have. Explain everything in detail to your attorney. Share a copy of the proofs which you have with your attorney. Your attorney may ask you a lot of questions during your first meet. Have patience and answer all the questions without hiding anything. Once you are done with filing a legal complaint, your attorney will represent you at the court.

During this phase the opposite party’s attorney may contact your attorney for settlement. Now you can either agree to settlement or proceed legally further. You can take suggestions from your attorney in such situations.  If you want to proceed legally further, then you must wait for the judgment at court. Remember, you should never rush up when taking any decision related to your case. Take the advice of your attorney always before doing anything. 

Here are some quick tips for you for finding a good attorney in your location. Check the reviews of various law groups online to know who is best in handling this kind of cases. Choose an attorney who listens to you with patience. Avoid choosing a too busy attorney as he or she may not be able to pay full attention to your case. Choose an attorney who offers you the best guidance.

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