Puppy Tech is Changing the Journey of our Pet – Get the right Stuff to Improve their Lives

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

There’s no doubt when we say that technology has already revolutionized our lives. Can you believe it if we tell you that it is going to do the same for your four-legged friends? Can you imagine sitting at your workplace and receiving a smartphone notification that was sent to you by your dog? You open the app and you find your pup wagging his tail on the cam. You click on ‘Play’ and you control Jack’s favorite toy. Later on, you again click on ‘treat’ and tap comes a treat for him from his dispenser. You can watch Jack running for his favorite treat and eating it up with utmost satisfaction. 

With the kind of technology coming up, this could be the future of the puppy care industry. The goal of the developers is to allow the pet parents to be at peace even when they’re not at home and maintain the happiness, safety, and good health of their pet. Read on to know more on pet tech and its future. 

Longer lives of pets due to progressive veterinary medicine

In order to promote puppy development and well-being, veterinary medicine technology has advanced like never before. Gone are those days when a visit to the vet would only mean getting neutered or getting vaccinations!

An eminent veterinary surgeon has reported that his surgery team has started performing laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgery on pets. In case of orthopedic issues among pets, the surgeons are performing crucial surgeries like hip replacements. In fact, there are separate interventional radiology teams for pull out stones from the bladder through a pinhole incision. There are latest puppy sleep medicines too to ensure they don’t feel the pain post-surgery. 

Wearable gadgets boost security and alerts about changes in dog’s health

We know that activity trackers have already become common among us, through which we can track our workout routine, sleep schedule, heart rate, O2 saturation level and even our menstrual cycles. Pet wearables are also a forthcoming industry that will encourage pet parents to keep a tab on the health metrics of their pets so that they are alerted in case of chronic illnesses. 

There are the latest canine activity trackers from the best companies like Whistle, FitBark, and Fi that can be attached to the dog collars. While you prepare for puppy care, make sure you utilize these gadgets so that you get updates in your mobile app about how active your pet is. Eventually, you can use this data to understand reduced activity which might be taken as a sign of pain or inflammation. This activity is also compared to another dog’s activity levels to compare their age, size and health. 

Automated buttons and bells make communication simpler with pets

Majority of the pet tech lets us learn several things about our four-legged friends but there are even some that help us learn a lot from our pets. Working with dogs is more like communicating with various species and technology has undoubtedly made it easier. As per an eminent dog trainer, the Mighty Paw Smart Bell is a useful tool for any pet parent who wants to teach their pup how to communicate when they require going outside for potty. 

This bell can either be installed outdoor or indoor and thanks to the wireless transmitters it can be heard anywhere around the home. This is the latest version of adding bells on to the door so that a dog can ring whenever he wishes to move outside.

So, for an overall 12-week development of your dog, you have to appoint the best dog trainers who are well-versed with a comprehensive care program for pets. Also seek the help of the above-listed gadgets to stay on top of pet care.

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