Useful Student Apps You Need to Download

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In the era of digitalization, there is a website or mobile app for nearly everything, from business to education. Companies can use custom solutions to automate their processes, drivers use apps to manage and track loads, and students who have problems with deadlines can pay for essay writing and have the job done. In fact, the education sphere has a variety of options to make students` lives much easier: workout schedule, time-management tools, expenses tracking, and educational apps from different disciplines that can answer the question «Who can help me do my homework?». In this guide, we will observe the top most useful of them that should be present in your smartphone in college.

Top must-have apps to keep in your smartphone

In some apps, you can order essay paper while others help you become more organized, motivate you to reach your goals, and teach you responsibility. There appear so many different options that you can easily get lost in the App Store or Google Play Market. We did this job for you and created the list of top most helpful educational and organizing apps every student should download:

1. Office Lens

Made by Microsoft, this app can take pictures of newspapers, magazines, posts, documents, checks, receipts, and any other printed stuff and transform it into text, which you can later edit and share with other students. Even if you have taken a picture from a bad angle, it will do the job and clean up all the flaws. It`s an irreplaceable tool in college;

2. Circle of 6 U

This app is rather aimed at your security, especially when you need to get back to your dorm late at night. It has built-in maps of your campus so it can offer the best (quickest and safest) route to your room. Besides, you can add there your trusted contacts (family or friends) to keep in touch in case of emergency and send your exact location;

3. Sleep Cycle

All students get used to staying up late, which may lead to sleep problems, fatigue, and other problems. Besides, it may become more difficult to get up early for lectures. The app analyzes the cycles of your sleep and wakes you up when it`s best for you within a timeframe you set. This is quite convenient, right?

4. Dragon Dictation

When you write a lot (and students typically write a lot every day), you may experience wrist pain and general fatigue. Using this app, you can dictate everything you need from emails to essays, and it will transform your voice into the text. There is a built-in editor that can suggest accurate words and improve your writing. The app can be used in different languages which makes it a priceless assistant for every student;

5. Wuderlist

You can use this tool to create any types of to-do lists, from the list of exams to grocery shopping. The app connects between your smartphone and laptop (or any other gadgets) and allows you to monitor the progress. Lists can be shared to work on the tasks with other students, set deadlines with reminders, and also save interesting web pages for further reading. Another built-in option is to make notes not to forget a single idea;

6. Mathway

For those students who have to deal with Math every day, this app will be a gold mine. If you are stuck with a task, you can type the assignment in the app or download a picture of it, and the tool will provide you with the right solution. Besides, it will not only deliver but explain how exactly the task has been solved. It covers different topics from the basics to the proficient level and lets you improve your Math understanding and performance. 

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