How to Get the Most of Your Roofing CRM?

Customer resource management (CRM) is the heart of the global business community including yours. CRM mobile has seen tremendous popularity in the last few years. It reached the $15 billion mark by the end of 2019 and continues to accelerate well into 2020. If you are using roofing CRM for your business, then here’s how you can use this software to analyze business data and allow it to scale new heights. 

Identify the Location of Your High-Value Jobs

A CRM has more to it than scheduling appointments and assigning work. It can help provide critical data analytics that can be used to generate further leads. You can strategically use data from your past jobs to get future work. Analyzing your high order value job locations will help you find patterns in the data. If you see that there are several high-value jobs clustered near one place, then you should be looking at scouting that location for more jobs. Chances are you will get your next few orders from there. 

Generate Profit Trends

Not all jobs are equally profitable. You can use your CRM tool to generate a job profitability report to know the most lucrative jobs. You can analyze these jobs to know which locations they were at, the kind of job requirements, the lead source, and other such information. This data can help identify an emerging trend. For example, you may have received several leads, which were highly profitable, from a single source. You know what you should do next.

Track Your Key Performance Indicators

Tracking KPIs is vital for the success of your business. You may already have a KPI system in place or want to implement one now. Either way, let your roofing CRM do the work for you. Define the KPI that you want to track and then start entering data. This data can be job-specific, employee-specific, weekly, or monthly.

Now you can start pulling reports based on what you want to track. If you want to see an employee’s performance, you can pull a report for the employee’s past jobs. It will give you information about the recent work completed, the delays, customer reviews, and profit on that order, and much more. Similarly, you can track your weekly or monthly performance to know which month was most profitable. These trends will help you plan your growth strategy.

Administration and Office Management

A CRM tool can also make your life easy by turning a lot of paperwork into online forms that employees and customers can fill out quickly. It also allows appointment scheduling, lead capturing, job estimates, aerial measurements, order materials, job photos, etc. 

The purpose of the CRM tool is to reduce or remove most of the paperwork and manual tasks that would require you to be present at the office. It allows you to complete such tasks from anywhere with ease using your smartphone. It means your time is spent on more important things like talking to potential customers.

Businesses are using big data analytics to understand their customers and their needs. You can do this as well by using your existing CRM software. It can help you customize your business solutions to meet their needs and grow your business exponentially. 

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