Email Checker: Efficient Protection Against Spambots

Spam is the mass mailing of an informational or advertising message to a person or on a website sent against their will or desire to receive these messages. Basically, spam spreads through digital devices: social networks, e-mail, SMS messages or messages in instant messengers. It may seem that spam is only an annoying activity that does not do any harm. However, it is not true. For website owners, spam can create serious problems. Considering that checking all the information on the site for spam messages manually is impossible, we have found a perfect solution. 

Email Checker

Users base is the biggest treasure for any website. Owners spend thousands of dollars on marketing strategies to attract new people. It would be very unfortunate if all these efforts were ruined by spambots. Luckily, there are programs nowadays that will protect you from spam. The first step would be checking if the registered emails belong to real people. To do that, you can go to cleantalk.org/email-checker and use one of the anti-spam systems on the market. Here are two main benefits provided by such software:

  1. It will filter the emails registered on your website. 

Naturally, you want only real people visiting your website and being active. Spambots can only do harm. Their comments and messages put too much pressure on the website and it can go down. Moreover, it messes up the statistics, and you will have difficulties determining effective marketing strategies. Your real users will also not enjoy reading spam comments and messages. To prevent that, the system will check the emails during the registration and filter all spambots. 

  1. You will not send emails to bots. 

One of the main ways of keeping contact with your users is via email. It is a regular practice when websites send email to all their users informing about the recent updates etc. It is an effective way of engaging the audience, but only if you send messages to real people. If you do not check email addresses, there is a decent chance that most of them will be spambots. It means that you have just wasted time and money trying to communicate with your users for nothing. To avoid that, you need to filter spambots and delete them from the website. We guarantee that you will see better results with your marketing strategies if you get rid of all the bots first. 

Besides all the advantages of filtering spambots’ emails, there are many pros of such software. It will not slow down your website and annoy users will additional registration forms and puzzles. Technical support is 24/7 so you can resolve any issues. We are sure that using an email checker service will be the best thing for your website’s future development.

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