Throwing Away Your Old Phone Is A Thing Of The Past

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

There are a variety of options of where to go if you are looking to trade in that tablet with low battery life, or the phone with the slightly unresponsive touch screen with a memory that’s been repeatedly filled. Of all the websites and phone outlets available, by far the most competitive and user friendly is Sell My Mobile, where it is possible simply to search for the exact model of your device and tap into every available offer from a range of sources. It is possible to access a review summary for all eight phone buyers who have a partnership with Sell My Mobile, by far the best online option if you wish to recycle your phone. 

Recycler deals are readily available for Nokia, Apple, Samsung and Google devices, as well as some of the more widely used Chinese and Japanese brands. Taking into account all the information you provide about the age and quality of your product, you will then be able to select the best deal accessible at your fingertips, and post your device, whether it is Nokia, Google or Apple. This website excels above its competitors because uniquely, it refunds double the difference between its offer and any better that you might locate elsewhere. It recognizes this is an unlikely eventuality!

Here are just a few reasons why it is important to recycle your phone, or tablet, or even your computer:

  • Somewhere out there, there is bound to be somebody who is looking for the exact device you’re finished with, and frantically seeking a way to save their pennies
  • Why shove an asset in a drawer and forget about it? Why bin something that could potentially supplement your income by a few pounds?
  • E-waste is a growing environmental hazard. Websites offering options to recycle e-devices are a fail-safe solution to the growing threat that this poses

E-waste refers to the disposal of all such devices like phones and tablets, that are no longer wanted or have become obsolete. Many materials from these gadgets could actually be extremely valuable if recycled, yet if the components that form them are allowed to leak into the environment, they can cause untold harm. Most electronic devices contain toxic materials such as lead, zinc, nickel, flame retardants, barium and chromium. If any of these substances work their way into water sources and enter human or animal bodies, they can cause damage to the kidneys, blood and central nervous system.

It only takes a little sun, for your unwanted phone or tablet lying in its landfill site to warm up, causing these toxic chemicals to be released into the atmosphere as gasses. In this way, throwing away your phone can affect the air you breathe.

In a similar way, the substances and components of your device can work into groundwater, eventually traveling to join rivers, streams, and even the sea.

Countries such as China and Guiya, that receive a large portion of the world’s e-waste, display a worrying trend where their populations exhibit neurological, respiratory and digestive problems.

In the UK, only 20% of the population currently recycle their old phone.

It is true that out of the percentage that is not reselling their old phone or tablet, an estimated 70% simply leave that obsolete Nokia to sit in a drawer or lurk under a bed, gathering dust. With the wide variety of options and cash rewards available on websites such as Sell my Mobile, there is simply no reason for this.  

Instead of looking to get rid of your phone, why not try to have it fixed instead? While you might be tempted to use this opportunity to get an upgrade – a phone repair would lower your costs significantly. If you’re set on getting an upgrade, having it repaired might still be worth your time. It’s always good to have a backup, and it would fetch a much higher price if you sold it secondhand in working condition.

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