7 Online Tools That Replace Bulky In-House Equipment

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The business world is slowly making its way toward a more digital future. From cloud storage to remote POS systems, these seven online tools can help you eliminate their bulky counterparts and make your business more environmentally friendly.

1. Mobile Pos Systems

Traditional cash registers take up a lot of space in a storefront. They’re also costly to maintain. Receipt paper, repair costs, these all add up over time, often surpassing the original cost of the machine itself.

Your low maintenance, online alternative to traditional registers is a Mobile POS System. These systems usually function via a tablet or smartphone, or a more compact register in some cases.

Using the accompanying application, you can upload your store’s inventory information, pricing, and more right on to the app. Once you’ve done this, you’ll install a card reader so you can accept credit card payments. This is usually a small box that fits into the headphone jack.

Mobile POS has revolutionized the sales floor. Your staff has the ability to access store inventory and close a sale from anywhere in the stoor, right in the palm of their hands. This makes the checkout process infinitely simpler and saves space by eliminating those bulky cash registers.

Many POS systems also work online, so you can run an online store as well. Your inventory will be connected to your store, so everything synchronizes and the numbers come out clean.

2. Invoice Generators

Using an invoice generator to create online invoices can help you finally get rid of that office printer that’s been sitting around for five years. Online invoice makers allow you to customize your invoices and really make them stand out with professional themes and templates.

Moving to online invoices saves the cost of printer paper and ink as well as printer maintenance costs. Paper waste is a large expense for businesses, as most paper simply ends up in the garbage. You might as well be throwing away money. Online invoice makers allow you to customize your invoices and really make them stand out with professional themes and templates.

3. Cloud Storage

External hard drives and desktop computers can fill up a lot of space in an office or business. The desktop computer, while still useful, is slowly being replaced by more mobile options like tablets and smartphones.

Using cloud storage can eliminate the need for filing cabinets and hard drives that store important files or documents. Cloud storage is a secure and accessible solution to traditional storage methods, plus it provides a backup of your old documents in case there’s ever a fire or water damage.

Your employees can access the cloud from any mobile device, making it easier than ever to share files and documents across distances or right down the hallway. Most services offer free cloud storage until you reach a specified limit.

4. Virtual Fax Services

If your office has one or more of the older bulky fax machines or printer fax combos, you may want to consider this online alternative to save yourself some space.

Virtual fax services let you access faxes from anywhere via your account. You can view them on the go on your phone, or in the office via computer or tablet. This makes those old fax machines pretty much useless.

A virtual fax service works similarly to a traditional fax machine. The fax is attached to an email and set to the corresponding fax number, where the virtual service “translates” the document so the fax machine can read it.

Drop the old bulky fax machine and try a virtual fax service. You’ll find it simpler and easier to access, plus you’re doing your part to eliminate paper waste.

5. Virtual Conference Calls

The internet has made the traditional conference call a remnant of the past. Now, with virtual conference calls, you can host or participate in a call from anywhere in the world, right from your internet-connected device.

Virtual conference calling services have global reach and dedicated operators to get you connected to a high-quality call. With some services, you can screen share or include video calling.

While some services are free, others will charge a fee to connect you to the call. Either way, using an online conference caller can help reduce those bulky landlines in the office and prevent international calling charges.

6. Virtual Time Clock Service

A virtual time clock service can help track employee hours and punctuality, right from a smartphone app.

Your employees will clock in and out via the app, and you’ll be able to remove that old time punch clock from the office. The app sends notifications when someone clocks in or out, and also reminds employees who forgot to punch out after their shift that they have not done so.

WhenIWork is a time punch app that also includes geofencing, meaning your employees can only clock in when they’re at work. No hours can be stolen, as employees are only able to punch in for their scheduled shifts at their scheduled locations.

7. Prezi

Does your company give presentations on a whiteboard or large dry erase board? Prezi is an online presentation tool that allows the user to create powerful presentations and email them to participants.

You can finally take that bulky whiteboard out of the office with Prezi. If used in combination with task management or virtual conference call services, you won’t even have to be in the same room when the presentation is given. You can enter the virtual video call and simply watch the presentation from the comfort of your cubicle.

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