Converting EML to MSG

EML and MSG are the most popular file formats – both being supported by the popular majority of email client applications. It comes the time when some users want to convert their EML data to MSG format aimed at getting the great features of the service Outlook. The most distinctive feature of the MSG file is that it was designed by Microsoft Outlook to get a single email message. If you are seeking for the way to process your email files, this post is for you. Here, we have come up with an excellent solution. So read on to learn about software and its advanced features.

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How Does It Work?

Why choose a third-party utility to convert EML to MSG? Since there is no manual process that allows you to re-create EML files in MSG format, this option will suit you best. Searching for the software for importing EML files into Outlook, here is what we have for you. The above program is very useful for transferring EML assets to MSG with zero info being lost.

The tool boasts of a very simple graphical user interface so that every type of user can easily use it. Due to the conversion feature, everyone can easily process multiple EML data to MSG with no piece of info being lost or damaged. The app does not require any extra set up of any external app to move EML to MSG.

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This amazing software successfully supports UNICODE text messages. When converting EML assets into MSG format, the structure and integrity of the data remain untouched. What is more, metadata properties such as, bcc, sent, receive, date, time, etc are also maintained by the software? The above program is extremely useful for safely converting unlimited EML data to the specific format for Outlook.

The tool grants many additional features making the conversion so unique:

  • Processing of EML assets to MSG immediately without missing out any info;
  • Move of EML assets to MSG together with all the attachments;
  • Several file naming options are available;
  • Support of metadata properties;
  • Support of UNICODE text messages;
  • Full view of EML files before conversion is available;
  • A selective conversion function to save time and effort is available.

This amazing program provides safe, secure and accurate recreation of EML in MSG format. Another good thing about the program is that you only need to pay once for any amount of the information you transfer. There is no need to pay a subscription fee of a fixed amount regardless of how much data you need to process. Everything is a way easier – you just need to cover expenses on the usage of license and activation of software and use it without limits. At the same time, it is simple to use and there is no need to look for additional help.


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