Raswin – The Ultimate Robot Companion

RasWin is a computer application developed by Solidsafe Inc. that generates documentation by the machinery Directives 2006/42/CE and RD1215/97 guidelines. It also works by other standards used with solutions applied to risk prevention and management or a machine or set of machines. Solidsafe Inc. incorporates a host of other parameters of various harmonized standards to allow users automation in the most protective, specific and standard modes. It incorporates calculations and recommendations based on harmonized standards.

Solidsafe Inc. the developers of RasWin software specialize in functional safety solutions or robots. The company launched Raswin its first computer application after the realization of a defect in the availability of good documentation, and machinery safety programs.

Regarding the functions Raswin performs in robotic programming, it carries out a preliminary hazard analysis based on an inductive method. Raswin identifies hazards imminent to occur, situations and cases of the dangerous event which could cause a disruption in the system and probably cause an accident in all phases of the life of a system/subsystem.

About RasWin 4.0

Raswin stands for Risk Assessment Software for Windows. It aims at delivering safety solutions to help streamline development, reduce cost and improve compliance. As an end user robot programmer looking for a standard tool to take charge of all machine safety and documentation sequences, there is no perfect software known for such tasks, but the Raswin 4.0 is the ideal tool for producing safer and more productive robots in limited time. The Raswin software ensures that consistency and safety in programming are followed. It carries out thorough lifecycle documentation, including the risk assessments, safety system design, functional requirement, validation, and verification.

Furthermore, with the Raswin 4.0, there is the promise of a simplified process yet with a powerful, intuitive user interface aimed at high time management and safety procedures. Raswin ensures the system meets with all necessary requirements and documents processes by the stipulated compliance rules.

The Raswin 4.0 robot software is compatible with most robot types. The Raswin 4.o is used together with safety automation Building allowing users to take full advantage of a widely accepted method of building a stronger, better and completely safer solution. With simulation of application development –in conjunction with hard guarding, input/output devices, control systems, and connectivity – the combination of these tools help you develop the most effective and productive safety solutions.

Raswin 4.0 is the perfect solution and safety automation builder that can help you design the desired automation system from scratch to the bill of material needed to ensure the system is compliant with all the safety regulations at a safety performance level, validation documentation, and verification.

Features and benefits

Raswin is the ultimate robotic solution to provide a reliable, consistent and easily documented safety solutions while at the same time, reducing time spent and cost of developing your solution. When Raswin is used together with safety Automation Builder, it aids in the fulfillment of all phases of the safety lifecycle.  Raswin 4.0 is the perfect solution to managing progressions through a safety lifecycle.

  • Links the steps of the lifecycle to avoid systematic failures
  • Offers a guide to corrective measures by ISO standards
  • Organizes information from every step of the safety lifecycle process
  • Safety function specifications, Performance Level requirements (PLA) assignment and PL calculation
  • Configurable reporting tool with multiple options
  • Safety circuit validation tool

Promoting various safety system design process, through use of Safety Automation Builder in conjunction with Raswin 4.0 aids in selecting products to achieve the needed safety performance level (PL) by global standard ISO 13849-1, and establishes SISTEMA projects for analyzing all safety functions.


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