5 Futuristic Creations You Probably Never Heard Of

The future has never been more intriguing as we move closer to the things we previously only found in bad sci-fi novels. But today things are changing.

With little things like improved plugs production, more durable batteries, and a better understanding of the human body we’re beginning to create a futuristic world.

But let’s look at some of the creations you’ve likely never heard of.

  • The Motorola Edible Password

Computerization has advanced, yet the way we authenticate hasn’t changed. That’s why the Motorola Edible Password changes the way we authenticate through allowing users to swallow an edible pill that will essentially turn you into a mobile password.

The pill works and the Food and Drug Administration has already deemed it medically safe to swallow these pills, up to 30 per day.

It could very well make usernames and passwords obsolete forever.

  • Ocumetic Bionic Lens

The Ocumetic Bionic Lens could be the answer to poor eyesight. It acts like a cataract surgery, except the result is better sight, no glare, and an ability to see at night. The lens inserted acts like a button, which allows humans to see three times beyond what’s considered perfect today. For example, instead of being able to read a sign at 10 feet they would be able to see the sign at a distance of 30 feet.

  • Growing Organs in a Lab

Finding suitable organs for transplants are always a problem. But one Japanese scientist claims to have finally perfected the art of growing artificial organs in labs, using ingredients like stem cells.

The team of scientists managed to create new kidneys that include a drainage tube and a bladder for urine storage. This kidney was successfully transplanted into a patient and it functioned in the same way as a real, natural kidney.

  • Growable and Renewable Plastics

The environment is a major concern. Plastic is one of the big contributors to this. But chemist Eugene Chen has done something that many thought impossible.

Without going into the science behind it, they have created a substance like plastic that’s fully renewable and growable. It’s also completely biodegradable.

He was later awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for his discovery.

  • New Drops to Counter Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is caused by cataracts, in the case of millions across the world, as well as a number of other age-related factors. But scientists have invented a brand-new molecule called Chemical 21.

This molecule dissolves the crystalline proteins that lead to blindness in the eyes. Scientists aren’t sure how they work or why they work, but the results have been stunning.

It could lead to a new form of chemistry that solves many big problems with just a simple bottle of chemical solution.


Last Word – Tech to Change the World

We all know about driverless cars and space tourism. However, these are the technologies most people aren’t aware of that could change the world as we know it. They’re going to improve our lives.

Which one of these technologies are you most excited about?

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