Compact Blogging Setup: Equipment for Vloggers

It doesn’t take a lot to become a vlogger. All you need is a camera and a topic for a channel. But it really takes efforts to become a professional blogger. In this case, just a camera is not enough anymore.

Professional YouTubers know how important it is to have the professional or near-professional equipment and absolutely killing content for a channel growth. If talking about youtube equipment specifically, it really depends on what type of content you’re going to produce. What kind of blogger or vlogger do you want to be? Is it about filming in your rooms talking about makeup and shopping only? Or is it about traveling the world and showing your subscribers the most fascinating places on earth?

Today, we’re going to discuss different equipment recommended for different categories of vloggers.

Essentials for Starting a YouTube Channel

You have to understand that vlogging is not only about filming and photographing. A huge part of it is editing as well. Obviously, there will be a necessity to spend almost the same time (or even more) on making your videos look nice and smooth by editing them.

But let’s start with the camera first. As the camera and other equipment that goes with it are definitely the essentials for any YouTuber. So, what exactly might you need to film qualitative videos on a daily basis?

  • A camera. If you’re planning on doing both every day «talking to camera» haul videos and vlogging videos, you can buy two different cameras. Of course, if you have a budget for that. If you lack a clear idea about what videos you’re going to make yet, get one camera and use it in both cases. That’s okay.
  • In the choice of camera is still an issue for you, check something like Canon 70d or Nikon d3200. In fact, it is not about the brand of the camera, but about the lenses that you use. The 30-millimeter prime lens seems to be a basic option, 40-millimeter lens, or 50-millimeter lens are variations. These are good for their background blurring effects and qualitative picture in general. But keep in mind that they are more on the expensive side. For a limited budget, you can choose a compact camera like Sony rx100. If you want to vlog only, check one of the GoPro options.
  • A tripod. Get the basic one. You don’t really need to spend a hundred dollars on a tripod only. It just has to do the job of standing stable.
  • Get a mini tripod. A mini version is very helpful in vlogging. So, never neglect of getting one too.
  • A microphone. The quality of the sound is very important. So, be serious about getting a microphone. Check the reviews before. You don’t have to spend too much on it. There are good options of 30-40 dollar equipment on the market.
  • A laptop to edit the videos.

As you can see, being a vlogger is much more than just having a camera. So, are you ready for that?


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