Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Action Cam

Image by Lotta Gessner from Pixabay

Over the decade, the photography industry has been changed dramatically by the arrival of digital technology and the development of reliable accessories that can help even the most amateur photographer achieve professional-level results from budget cameras.

The development of the action camera has led to some stunning photography and footage taken from the depths of the world’s oceans to the tip of the stratosphere, and everywhere in between. Getting the best results from an action camera can be difficult, but with the right knowledge and preparation, anyone is capable of taking amazing photographs or dynamic and dramatic action footage.

Here, in this quick guide, we are going to cover the top tips that professional action photographers use to get the most from their shots. 

Mount Your Camera for Steady Shooting

This is probably the most important piece of advice a professional photographer can pass down to people that are just starting out.

Whether you are framing a landscape, or filming someone snowboarding down a mountain top, mounting a camera to a tripod or a specialized mount will greatly improve the composition and quality of your work. 

There are literally thousands of different types of camera mounts available, some designed to mount a camera to a crash helmet or the hood of a car, to help you get the most dynamic images while capturing a steady image.

Experiment with Different Camera Angles

A great way to get to know your camera and its capabilities is to experiment with different camera angles to shoot from and the different viewing angles you can achieve with lenses.

Skateboarders, for instance, often take action shots from a camera mounted on the front tip of a skateboard and use a fisheye lens to create dynamic and fast-paced footage. With the right camera angle and lens, you can give your shoots a unique style and perspective that can help bring viewers into the action.  This review of 6 highly rated action cameras has the lowdown on some of the top action cameras that have a wealth of features to help you get the shot you when the action is happening.

Using the Right Filter Can Add Drama to Any Shot

Filters are a great way to add some drama to a shoot. There is a vast range of filters that can be added to just about any type of lens.

Natural density filters, sometimes just called NDs, are a popular choice amongst action photographers. These are great for filming at a slow shutter speed in bright and naturally light environments. Natural Density filters are like sunglasses for your camera; they limit the amount of light that enters the camera lens. This prevents any flickering when taking shots at a low shutter speed, and keeps your footage looking smooth.

If you are shooting near water or in an area that is highly reflective, a polarizing filter can help cut out glare and reflections from the surface of the water or glass. This is particularly useful if you are shooting the interior of a car or building through a window, as it will cut down any reflections on the glass of you and your camera. 

Simple tips like these can make a huge difference to the footage you shoot. Capturing action can be very difficult, especially if you want the viewer to get a sense of the action and drama of the subject. 

With some simple preparation and the right equipment, you can get the atmosphere and drama of a sporting event or fast-paced activity into your footage, turning your film into an experience for everyone who watches it.

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