MonsterPod to Hold your Camera

The MonsterPod was developed to provide a temporary mounting device for compact digital cameras, which can be attached to almost any surface and is capable of supporting up to 10 ounces of weight. Constructed with a viscoelastic polymer base, the Pod will stick firmly to a tree, car, pole, or other convenient object to assist in setting up the stage for the pefect photo shot. A center mounted, standard tripod threaded post, attached to an interior ball joint, allows for easy angle adjustments to the camera position.

Tripods are indispensable for taking long-exposure shots; however, they are relatively bulky to carry around and may require several minutes to set up and adjust before taking a picture. The MonsterPod does not have telescopic legs, clamps, or straps that other standard tripods may use for set up. Instead, MonsterPod uses a patent pending viscoelastic morphing polymer, which can attach itself to a long list of materials, including, but not limited to, metal, wood, plastic, veneer, marble, Formica, cement, steel, brick, glass, tile, enamel, sheet rock, and topographic objects.

MonsterPod is reported to be able to hold a camera motionless in a horizontal, vertical, or upside down position. Standard tripods may be adjusted to hold a camera at any angle; however, a tripod itself cannot be mounted onto various surface types, and needs to be balanced and secure for proper use. The MonsterPod website indicates that this unit can be mounted onto a table, chair, wall, window, ceiling, rail, fire hydrant, light-post, parking meter, handrail, rock, or even a tree. With irregularly shaped objects, the Pod adheres to those surfaces by molding the viscoelastic base with your fingers until it conforms to the required shape. In addition, the base can be molded into a handle for a better grip on the compact camera.

MonsterPod is an elastic solid in the form of a viscoelastic polymer, contained within a neoprene membrane. The Pod is said to be non-toxic to children and pets and also free from solvents and harmful chemicals. It is made from three main elements: a viscoelastic morphing polymer base, a neoprene outer membrane and an internal semi-ridged metal and plastic base, and has a retail price of $29.99.

Pod’s polymer will not dry or harden over time, and while it may absorb dirt, sand, bark, or grime from surfaces it adheres to, it reportedly can be cleaned with a brush for thorough washing. Developed to provide a temporary mounting device for compact digital cameras, the Pod is designed to hold a camera, weighting 10 ounces or less, long enough to set the automated timer and take a picture. After several minutes, the Pod will begin to stretch from its location. According to the manufacturer “the MonsterPod only forms a “temporary” bond with other surfaces. Normally, it will provide one minute to one hour of stabilization, depending on the type of surface and degree of angle.” The Pod can be easily removed with a gentle tug and can be immediately molded to another surface for re-use.

Consumer reviews of MonsterPod have been mixed. Some users reported good portability and adherence while others reported poor ability to use the Pod on a flat vertical surface. Several reviews indicated that the base quickly became dirty with use, and that cleaning it was often a difficult chore. One of the biggest concerns expressed in consumer ratings of the Pod was the time variable of 1-minute to 1-hour in regards to bonding and adherence. The company does state this was developed as a temporary bond; the Pod needs to be used with this in mind to maintain the safety of expensive camera equipment.

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For more information visit the MonsterPod website.

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