Top 5 Online Printing Trends You Need To Embrace

Digital revolution is redefining almost every aspect of contemporary industries, including the print industry. As change is the only constant, if you do not embrace the changes, the time to redecorate may be just around the corner. Currently, the online printing industry is on the surge due to a number of game-changing trends. Only champions are able to comprehend that it’s not just about technology or volume, it’s more about people, skill sets, strategy and implementation, and of course money!

If you aspire to win, it’s time to invest in and take a paradigm shift from mere operations to sales and marketing mindset. Today we take a close look at trends that one needs to embrace in leading the online printing game.


Personalization Promotions:

Artwork reaching printer often needs scrutiny and rework, which is a quite time-consuming process with frequent back-and-forth communications with the consumer/designer. Altering jobs on press within a few minutes is a taxing situation as the job is stuck in pre-press for the designer to return a call. The whole process must be debonair and personalization is the game changer.

Hype in personalised web-to-print artwork needs, of both mid-sized and large organizations, calls for a unique set of design tools and APIs. Upload and print functionality is an extraordinary technique, for example, upload unique designs on blank postcard templates and create print postcards that have a personalized touch!

QR codes together with personalized URL are a perfect combination for a successful campaign to endorse personalization promotions. It gives actionable acumens into what your clienteles are and exactly how they fetch your print resources. Also, split between offline and online visitors can be amalgamated by boosting offline customers to stopover your website or social media profiles.


Automation by Leveraging Creative Technologists:

Innovation and creativity are the watchwords of the digital era. More and more establishments realize the importance of implementing data in the design process in order to automate. Digital infrastructure, toner-based cut-sheet digital presses and workflow software sum up investment requirements of futuristic online printing companies.

Creative agencies experiment with different ideas and technologies for transgression through the commotion and build steadfast online audiences. A “creative technologist” with the expertise in printing related electronics or large format graphics can make worlds of difference with technology-driven solutions. Leverage automation along with their presence in your staff and earn a premium as creative solution provider along with printing services.


Pay as You Print Model:

Traditionally customers would pay a fixed fee for a certain period, in addition to the subscriptions or rentals, a cost per page print is charged. Print volumes would get tracked which are then invoiced at the end of say, each month. However, pay as you print model seems to be trending similar to that of pay as you go services of telecommunication companies! Customers simply wish to pay for what they print.

The mandate for improved productivity and cost reduction motivates a general exodus to pay as you print model in the printing as well as imaging solutions. Pursuing ways to cost-effectively integrate technologies in order to handle costs, improve quality, mitigate risk and improve agility are the needs of the hour.


Loyalty Through Discount Programs:

No matter how big or well-known you are, nobody knows where the next wave of competition would come from, simply because it can come from anywhere! What if suddenly your top client finds someone who provides value-added solutions at a competitive price? Thinking ahead of time can abate their distraction through strategic campaigns. One such trend is that of loyalty through discount programs.

Rewards and discount by providing promo codes, coupons or some form of incentives may seem to cost in the short-term, however, in the long run, it proves to be a profitable retention strategy. It will not only make them feel valued but give a solid reason to come back. As a company, you must learn customer preferences and venture into marketing strategies that resonate with them. This definitely provides you with an upper hand on retail printing competitors.


Go Wide or Go Extinct:

A not just wide format in graphics but the wide format in printing services will continue to be adopted by mainstream online printing companies. The days with a requirement for niche specialists with specialist skills will soon be replaced by jacks of one and masters of all. Value of working cooperatively, learning from peers and sharing information will be adaptations that will prevent your business from being extinct.

Online print industrialists face a difficult balancing act. While profits will continue to flow from traditional products and services in the immediate span, but they can’t bank on this supporting forever. It’s time to cultivate new competencies and shift resources from presently prosperous business models. To grow ahead of the unstoppable disruption, online print retailers must make deliberate moves to exploit and embrace above trends.

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