Ways of Avoiding Speeding Tickets

Few things can ruin a driver’s day faster than a speeding ticket. And now that citing people for moving violations is a major revenue source for local authorities, wrongful tickets have become a norm. Therefore, the possibility of getting ticketed for speeding is pretty much an everyday reality for all motorists.

1. Work on What Makes You Speed

Every guilty speeding driver knows the most common reason they go past the set speed limits. Some are simply doing it to overtake other vehicles on the road, while others speed in an effort to keep up with other drivers. In fact, it is not just the speed you should be concerned about, because people also get tickets for erratic driving. The trick to reducing the chances of getting tickets is to recognize what makes you speed and work on it, it might make a world of difference.

2. Be Cool

When you get flagged for speeding, resist the urge to be antagonistic. Argumentative people get ticketed a lot. But being calm, even when evading questions that might implicate you in the accusation you are facing, can help you get off with a warning rather than a ticket.

3. Find a Radar Detector

One of the best safeguards against speeding tickets is a radar detector. the best radar detector 2019 has to offer will give you plenty of amazing features that will help you avoid getting ticketed for speeding.

A radar detector can inform you when a speed trap is close by, which can be the timely reminder you need to check your speed. Some premium detectors also come with great smartphone apps that you can use to stay updated on any speed traps and speed cameras along your route so that you can avoid getting cited for speeding.

4. Avoid Having a Conspicuous Car, If You Can

When your car attracts an officer’s attention, then you are more likely to end up getting pulled over for something wrong, however minor. Standing outputs you under more scrutiny than most other drivers. So, having a red car in a sea of white, gray, and black cars will make you more susceptible to speeding tickets. Avoid this if you can, and the chances of getting pulled over for some violation or another will go down considerably.

5. Speed Smartly

Sometimes, you cannot help but speed. Maybe you are late for an appointment, or the road is clear and you cannot resist the urge to step on the gas a little more. Whatever your reason for speeding, ensure that you do it in a safe and thoughtful way.

Otherwise, if the additional miles per hour come with a swerving, dangerous braking and other unsafe driving actions, then you might get speeding tickets habitually. So, if you are going to speed, do it in situations where you don’t foresee chances of running into trouble with the cops. A radar detector can also help in this regard.

6. Pay Closer Attention to your Speedometer

Wrongful ticketing or not, driving within the speed limits is one of the most effective ways of avoiding a speeding ticket. And if you are having problems keeping your speed in check, then you should pay closer attention to your speedometer. You just have to make an effort to monitor your speed more closely, and you will find yourself avoiding the speeding tickets more effectively.

7. Don’t Volunteer Information that Could Worsen Your Case

When you get stopped by a cop, and you are informed that you were driving over the limit, resist the urge to volunteer information that could imply that you are guilty. Even if the officer wanted to let you off with a warning, he cannot do that once you admit that you were in the wrong. So, be polite, just don’t admit to any wrongdoing as that will force the officer’s hand and you will end up with a speeding ticket.


Speeding tickets are a big problem for many motorists. Being so commonplace today, it helps to know a few tricks on how to avoid them; and above are some great ways you can avoid getting speeding tickets.

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