5 Ways To Ensure Your Shopify Site Is Trustworthy

Online users will be able to tell within a few moments whether they are going to stay on your website and buy something. You have mere seconds to make the best impression you can to avoid losing them and any potential sale before they move on to someone else with a better Shopify Site.

There are many things you can do to improve the look and feel of your site and increase sales. We have provided five tips here that will help convince a visitor to your Shopify Site that yours is trustworthy and want to buy from you.


A Well Designed Storefront

The better designed your site is the more attractive it will look. This will instill confidence in a potential buyer as it will look more professional. Think about websites and physical stores you have seen and visited – are you more likely to shop at a clean, well-organized store, or that shabby one that looks like it was cobbled together in half an hour?


Keep Your Info Up To Date

This one should go without saying, but keeping your info up to date will avoid any misleading of your customers and help keep everything professional. This includes all the little details like a product, shipping and contact information. Using premade templates can help you with this. There are many to choose from so a good place to start is with a well-established provider. Choose templates – Oberlo.


Show The Customer Your Expertise

This will be more or less applicable depending on your type of business. At the least, do your best to project your expertise as it will make shoppers feel like they are in secure hands with you, and increase their trust levels. Hand in hand with expertise is passion. If you are able to genuinely convey passion with your business it is going to also inspire interest and excitement in your products.


Give Your Customers An Easy Way To Get In Touch

Customer service can make or break a business. The easier you are to contact the more trustworthy you will come across. There’s nothing more off-putting for a customer than having an issue with something and not being able to get hold of anyone to discuss it. Use email at a minimum or a contact form, but adding other forms such as a phone number, a physical address, or live chat will increase trust levels in your business.


Keep Your Storefront Active With Social Posts

This will assure any potential shoppers that your store is in business and active if you are regularly using social media. It is also a great way to keep in touch with your customers and let people know what is going on with your store – current promotions, upcoming sales for example. You can easily integrate social media with your store and personalize it further by adding feeds to your page.

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