How AI Can Overcome Planet’s Challenges: 5 Ways How Artificial Intelligence May Help to Save the Planet

People are often quick to link artificial intelligence with the future of every industry including technology, medicine, and science. For most scientists, there is a common belief that the answer lies in data mining through the information we have already generated online. Whereas humans cannot analyze large amounts of data, AI can produce fast, accurate details every hour based on a pre-formatted dataset algorithm. Some environmental agencies have begun projects to gather data with the express purpose of finding trends that help them make predictions specifically about the health of the planet.

1. Autonomous Electric Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are now standard in some places around the world because companies want to explore transportation service expansion. With being electric and driverless, it would save a lot of gas while also lessening driver death rates because of carelessness. More importantly, drivers will not have to rely on big oil to travel which will reduce the amount that we currently depend on. Climate change is significantly affected by pollution and its society’s dependency that contributes daily to the high levels. Electric vehicles of any form would cause a disruption to energy which is why they fight against it now. As AI becomes more popular, people will begin to invest in electric vehicles to save time and money.

2. Climate Change and Weather Pattern Prediction

Climate informatics uses AI to collect data from environmental sensors, weather satellites, and climate models. Information like the ocean or seismic measurements can be used to change how weather forecasters predict changing patterns. The Weather Channel estimates that about 70 people die annually in the U.S. from tornadoes and several hundred from flooding. Two out of three deaths occurred because people did not receive a warning or found themselves sitting in traffic for hours trying to get out before the storms hit. As more data scientists enter the fields like bioinformatics or computer science, the knowledge will grow regarding how machine learning will assist the scientific community in interpreting, analyzing, and predicting climate change and weather patterns.

3. Energy

Energy is all about supply and demand, and data could significantly affect pricing, trading, storage, and marketing. Artificial intelligence could dramatically change renewable energy production and distribution because of smart data. AI also can observe energy production from the oil or gas sources, processing, and distribution. Data collection can further analyze supply and demand as to where and how best to use the resources.

4. Agriculture

Artificial intelligence could revolutionize the agricultural industry which currently has a value of more than 330 billion annually in the U.S. issues that plague this industry include climate change, food security, and population expansion. Data continues to point to concerns over robotic abilities to make decisions or correct problems. Their skills, however, can predict water necessity, nutritional value, supply and demand, pesticide levels, and water usage. The ability to use robots to sample and test for diseases would also significantly reduce contamination from fertilizer or contaminated water supply.

5. Emergency Response and Management

In the last year, wildfires and hurricanes devastated millions of lives in Puerto Rico, Texas, and the East and West coasts. Over the last decade, however, there have been 242 natural disasters which have cost the government over 350 billion in emergency response. AI has the capabilities to analyze data in real-time which has access to satellites and social media trends which would significantly increase the chance of successfully predicting and providing the urgent warnings that save lives. Disaster simulations can also help people learn how to appropriately respond to emergencies which would lessen the death rate.

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Today, AI can help to tackle global issues around climate change, air pollution and other challenges. Its ability to absorb and analyze big amount of data can help to save the planet and make our living better.

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