How Science Is Changing The Face Of The Cosmetics Industry

Science is all around us, constantly forming the basis of many different things. Almost everything we interact with has roots in the scientific world. Research from scientists happens all the time to help determine if something is possible or not before it comes into the regular consumer world. One industry that’s highly influenced by science is cosmetics. Companies have called upon research and scientific knowledge to help develop formulas and products that improve our performance. Most of this work is centered around biology and chemistry; how will our bodies react to certain chemical combinations and will it lead to an altered appearance?

This industry is ever-changing, and as scientific technology gets more advanced, we expect to see huge changes in the next few decades. In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the key things that science aims to change in cosmetics.


Science-Based Targeted Products

There are loads of cosmetic products out there that claim to help improve the way your skin looks or help your skin ageless. Most of the time, there’s hardly any evidence to suggest these things actually work, and the results are temporary if you ever see them. Nowadays, as you can see on sites like www.sentelabs.com/, companies are developing new ideas. Now, the focus is on specific chemicals in our bodies and how we can manipulate them to improve appearance. On that website, the company targets heparin sulfate – something that decreases in our body as we age. By developing a product to target this decrease, and help increase it, you will reverse the signs of aging. This is going to be a key trend in the cosmetics industry for years to come. You have a problem, figure out why the body creates that problem, then devise a solution to that problem based on scientific methods.


Environmentally Friendly Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry is coming under fire for the way it impacts the environment. There are loads of articles out there like this one on http://greenspirit.com that dive into the impact in more detail. Feel free to read them after this if you want to learn more. Back to the point, the future of cosmetics will certainly focus on finding ways to lower this devastating impact. This will all come from scientific research and tests to try and produce products that are better for the environment on the whole.


Natural Ingredients

One last point we’ll make is the importance of natural ingredients in cosmetics. Consumers often worry about what’s in their lotions or moisturizers. As such, there’s so much science going into products these days to ensure they only include naturally occurring ingredients. Who knows, in the next couple of decades we might have no cosmetic products that contain any harmful chemicals at all.


Science has already changed a lot about the cosmetics industry, and it will continue to do so. The emphasis is firmly on developing products that target certain issues and use science to solve them, improving the environmental impact of the industry, and moving to more natural ingredients.



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